WWE Failing to Mention Brock Lesnar On Raw Leads to Concern Regarding The Beast’s Status


The major news coming out of both the MMA and pro wrestling worlds over the weekend was Brock Lesnar’s surprise appearance at UFC 226, during which Daniel Cormier called out The Beast, setting up a fight between the two stars sometime in 2019.

According to Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer Radio, something might have changed in the past week regarding Lesnar’s WWE status considering the company made no mention of Lesnar on WWE Raw this week.

While WWE made to sure to tout Ronda Rousey’s UFC Hall of Fame induction and even sent a camera crew to film her following the event, the company made absolutely no mention of Brock Lesnar at UFC 226, or his status as the WWE Universal Champion on Raw last night. Meltzer pointed to Roman Reigns’ promo addressing Bobby Lashley but failing to mention taking Brock Lesnar’s Universal Title as evidence that WWE officials might not be pleased with something which went down with The Beast in the past week.

As we noted following Lesnar’s UFC return at 226, President Dana White said there will be no issues with Lesnar fighting as far as WWE goes, as Lesnar “keeps Vince McMahon in the know” when it comes to working outside of WWE, so WWE not capitalizing on mentioning Lesnar on Raw this week surely seems odd.

Furthermore, WWE.com published an article shortly after Lesnar’s UFC return hyping “stay tuned to WWE.com for any updates on Lesnar’s WWE contract”, however, there have been no mentions of Lesnar from WWE since the article was published.

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