WWE Fastlane Results (03/05) – Goldberg Vs. Kevin Owens

Coverage of WWE Fastlane will begin at 8PM EST. Come and join me as tonight we will find out whether Goldberg will capture the Universal title from Kevin Owens. Continue refreshing the page for the latest updates.

Pyro goes off as Michael Cole, Byron Saxton, and Corey Graves start off the show.

Sami Zayn vs. Samoa Joe

Nice pop for Zayn as he comes out first. A replay of the Samoa Joe interview and attack from three weeks ago.

Kick to the leg by Joe to start off. A bit of a stare down between the two. Zayn gets Joe into a headlock, but Joe counters and is able to kick him down. After several kicks, Joe takes him down with a knee bar, but Zayn is able to get of it.  Moments later, Zayn is able to take Joe down with a headscrissors.  The two end up at the corner of the turnbuckle, but Joe cheap shots him with a straight punch.  Then later, Joe connects with a vicious pele kick knock Zayn down. Joe puts Zayn in a bow & arrow submission, but Zayn is able to get out of it. A brief offensive flurry for Zayn, but Joe hits a double leg sweep and goes for the cover, but only gets two. Joe has a surfboard stretch on Zayn, but Zayn is able to get out and connect with a clothesline. Moments later he connects with the Blue Thunder bomb after failing the first time. Joe kicks out at two. Zayn goes to the top rope and divides, but Joe moves out of the way and connects with a atomic drop, big boot, and senton combination. Joe gets the two count.

Zayn is able to get a small package, but Joe kicks out at two. Zayn goes to the top turnbuckle, but Joe nails him with a pele kick again. Joe goes to the top turnbuckle, but Zayn fires up with clubs to the back  and moments later attempts a sunset powerbomb, but Joe holds onto the top rope. Zayn trips him. Zayn goes for the Hellava kick, but Joe counters with a book end like slam. He then applies his submission finisher. Zayn slowly goes out (but never taps) and Joe wins.

Winner: Samoa Joe. A good match that strongly continued to establish Joe as a badass. These two could have put on a classic, but Joe is still early on the roster, so its best to have Joe win in a manner like this.

Bayley interview. Nia Jax interrupts and promises to break Sasha Banks and go after Bayley if she beats Charolette.

WWE Raw Tag Team Championship match: Karl Anderson & Luke Gallows (c) vs. Enzo Amore & Big Cass

Enzo and Cass come out to a nice pop and do their usual pre match routine.

Cass hits Anderson with a big knee to the gut and several punches throughout. He tags Enzo. They both connect with a double team move on Anderson. Gallows comes in, but he’s sent outside by Cass and Cass launches Enzo outside into Gallows and Anderson. Anderson is sent into the ring. Gallows distracts Enzo and Anderson connects with a nice kick. After another kick, Anderson tags Gallows. Gallows connects with a body slam and covers Enzo. He kicks out at two. A sleeper hold is applied by Gallows. Enzo gets out, but Gallows is able to knock him back down. He tags Anderson. After a bit of offense, Anderson applies a chin lock.

After a brief stretch, Enzo is able to get out. Enzo hits an enziguri outside sending Anderson outside the ring. He goes outside and Gallows attempts to attack him, but Enzo moves out of the way and Gallows goes full steam in to the ring post. Enzo gets back into the with Anderson doing the same. As Enzo runs over to Cass, Anderson connects with a kick to the head. Anderson tags Gallows who misses an elbow. He tags Gallows and Enzo hot Cass. Cass runs in and cleans house and nails the big empire elbow. Gallows stops the pin and the tag match breaks down to everyone coming in. After Cass is taken out by Gallows outside the ring, Enzo hits a flying cross body from the apron to Gallows outside the ring. Enzo comes in, but is caught with a kick to the head by Anderson. Anderson covers Enzo. Enzo gets his foot on the rope, but Gallows quickly pushes it off from outside with the referee seeing it. Anderson gets a three count.

Winner: Gallows & Anderson. Decent match. Nothing bad or clunky, but nothing you will remember a week from now. I’m assuming a multi tag match will happen at WrestleMania as Sheamus and Cesaro were screwed out their title match as well.

Segment with Foley and Stephanie on the phone berating the airline attendants.

Pre match video for the Jax/Banks fued.

Nia Jax vs. Sasha Banks

Match starts off fast with a flurry of offense by Banks which barely affects Jax. Jax is able to get her down and connect with a backbreaker. She applies a submission hold to her back. Banks escapes and goes for a sunset pip attempts, but Jax counters and knocks her down hard again.  She covers Banks, but she kicks out at two. Jax toys with Banks around the ring and applies a surfboard stretch. Banks gets out with a couple of kicks to the head, but Jax tosses her across the ring. She talks trash to Banks then sends her back down to the mat. She covers her, but Banks kicks out at two. Jax applies a surfboard stretch again. After a moment Banks gets out, but Jax connects with a hard scoop slam. She toys with Banks some more and Banks is able to get a brief advantage. Jax is able to counter attack and applies a torture rack submission.

After a while, Banks counters with a guillotine choke. Jax gets out, but Banks applies a sleeper hold. Jax almost gets out several times, but Banks reapplies the sleeper hold. Jax eventually slams her down with a vicious choke slam and then a running leg drop to the bank. Jax taunts and goes for the samoan drop, but Banks counters with a roll up and gets the three count.

Winner: Sasha Banks. A decent little match. I liked how dominant Jax looked, but the abundant of submissions slowed the match down. The Banks win is a mistake to me. I don’t know if Banks is still turning heel, but I would’ve liked to still see the story of her losing and gaining frustration continue with Banks eventually snapping. Either way, Jax should’ve won here.

A segment that setup a Mahal/Rusev in singles matches.

Jinder Mahal vs. Cesaro w/Shaemus

Mahal and Rusev fight with Mahal getting the better of the exchange. Nobody cared. On the bright side, I like Rusev’s haircut. Cesaro came out, so its appears that its Cesaro and Mahal. Sheamus is at ringside as well. Tie up between the two. Cesaro takes him down. Mahal connects with kicks and punches taking Cesaro down. He covers, but Cesaro kicks out. Cesaro regains the advantage with a brutal elbow.  A bit later, Cesaro is able to show his strength catching Mahal in the air and slammin him down with a backbreaker. Mahal is able to get into control and crickets could be heard churping everywhere (well its not that quiet, but you get nobody cares about Mahal). Cesaro is able to get a suplex and then nail a succession of uppercuts at the turnbuckle. Cesaro goes on the flurry of offense with nailing the 619 and the crossbody for a close two count. Mahal gets a brief come back, but stares down Rusev, who’s outside. Cesaro is able to connect with a pop up uppercut and gets the three count.

Winner: Cesaro. A Pre-show match, nothing more. Nothing against Mahal, but wwe has never given anyone a reason to care about him and his tag team with Rusev moreso did him (and Rusev) no favors. Everything was clean and crisp, but a nothing match.

Rusev attack and beats down Mahal.

Big Show comes out for his match with Rusev.

Rusev vs. Big Show

Big Show comes out and pretty much destroys Rusev for several minutes. Rusev comes back after a pin attempt, but Big Show counters again. He runs from the ropes, but Rusev chops the knees sending Big Show down. Rusev is able to target the knee, with applying a leg lock submission. Big Show gets out and hits a sidewalk slam and gets a close two count. Rusev rolls outside the ring. Big Show grabs his hair, but Rusev clubs him. Rusev gets back into the ring, but Big Show grabs him by the throat. He lifts him up for the chokeslam, but Rusev counters with a leg chop. Rusev nails three kicks to the head and gets a close two count. Rusev goes for the accolade, but Big Show counters and nails a chokeslam. Big Show hits two more chokeslams and to add insult to injury, her punches a already out Rusev. He gets the easy three count.

Winner: Big Show. Again, a pre show match. Show looked good. I feel bad for Rusev. WWE is just wasting him for no appear reason.

WWE Cruiserweight championship match: Neville (c) vs. Jack Gallagher

A tie between the two starts off. After a brief moment of Gallagher stand upside down on the turnbuckle for amusement, he’s able to gain control with a few forearm. A bit of a miscue as Neville was suppose to catch Gallagher in the midst of a monkey flips, but Neville is able to rebound and Gallagher sends Neville flying. Neville is able to go on the attack and nails a flying dropkick from the turnbuckle. He gets a two count.  Neville continues to take control and is able to get a submission. Gallagher is able to get out with numerous elbows, and a dropkick. Neville gets outside the ring and Gallagher nails some type of twisting suicide dive. He puts Neville back in the ring and goes for the cover, but Neville kicks out at two.

Gallagher is able to get Neville on top of the turnbuckle and nail a back body drop. He covers Neville, but gets a close two count. Neville is able to come back, hitting a vicious and quick german suplex and then a phoenix splash from the second turnbuckle from the middle rope. He covers him, Gallagher kicks out at two. Neville taunts Gallagher a bit and is caught with a headbutt. Neville hits a hard kick. Gallagher rebounds from the ropes with a headbutt and falls into the cover. He gets a near fall. Neville is able to hit a superkick sending Gallagher out onto the apron. Neville grabs him, but Gallagher is able to counter. He gets back inside the ring and puts Neville on top of the turnbuckle. He drills Neville with a hard headbutt. Gallagher goes to the top turnbuckle, but Neville is able to counter sending Gallagher off the turnbuckle. Neville hits the red arrow and gets the three count.

Winner: Neville. The best match of the night thus far. These two worked hard, delivered a hard hitting match and was able to win the crowd over getting a “This is awesome chant”. I would love to see more from these two with stronger storyline support.  Not a five star classic, but a damn good one.

An interview with Paul Heyman. The point of the interview was Heyman to tease whether Lesnar was in the building or not. He ended the interview without giving an official answer.

The New Day come out with an ice cream box. The segment was basically about the New Day ice cream and WrestleMania. Honestly, I stopped caring when I realized it wasn’t anything important or funny.

Video package of the Strowman/Reigns fued presented by a giddy Michael Cole.

Braun Strowman vs. Roman Reigns

Reigns came out to his usual mixed reaction. A tie up between the two with Strowman tossing him across the ring. After a brief staredown, they tie up again and Strowman tosses him out the ring. Reigns tries to get back in, but Strowman knocks him off with a forearm. Reigns comes back in and is able to get a flurry of offense on Strowman, sending him outside with a clothesline. Stowman forcefully pulls Reigns out the ring and tosses him over the steel steps. Reigns comes back bouncing off  the steps with a forearm. Strowman remains standing. He goes for a spear, but Reigns moves out of the way and Strowman hits the steps instead. Reigns is able to get him back in the ring and mounts punches on Strowman against the turnbuckle. Strowman slams him down onto the mat hard.

Strowman continues assaulting Reigns and gets Reigns in a chin lock after a pin attempt. Reigns gets out of the chin lock with punches to the stomach. Reigns attempts two clothesline, but Strowman remains standing. Reigns goes for a third clothesline, but Strowman is able to catch him and connect with a chokeslam. He gets a two count. Reigns is able to get outside and Strowman follows.  He attacks Reigns and tears apart the announce table. He attempts to go for his powerslam through the table, but Reigns counters sending Strowman into the ring post. Reigns goes for the drive by, but Strowman catches him and sends him into the ring post back first. He puts Reigns back into the ring. Reigns is able to regain the advantage, hitting the samoan drop for a two count. Strowman is able to counter attack, hitting the dominator. He covers Reigns and gets a two count. Strowman run towards Reigns who’s against the turnbuckle, but Reigns moves out the way sending Strowman out the ring. Reigns comes out and hits the drive by. He signals for the spear through the barricade. He runs towards Strowman, but is caught and powerslammed through the announce table. The men are down for a bit, but Strowman puts Reigns back in the ring . Once Strowman gets in the ring, he’s speared down by Reigns. Reigns gets a nearfall.

Reigns attempts the spear again, but Strowman stops him and sends him back into the turnbuckle. Strowman runs towards Reigns, but he moves and Strowman hits the top turnbuckle. Reigns nails two superman punches, but neither takes Strowman down. He attempts a spear, but Strowman stops him like a brick wall. Strowman goes onto the top turnbuckle and attempts a splash, but Reigns moves out the way. Reign connects with a spear once Strowman gets up. He gets the three count.

Winner: Roman Reigns. A entertaining match. Both guys worked hard and looked good in the process. Reigns winning isn’t a surprise and is a must. If Reigns is facing Taker at Mania, then Reigns going over was the only option here.

Mick Foley talked to Samoa Joe telling him not to interfere in the main event or else.

A video package for the Bayley/Charlotte feud.

WWE Raw Women’s Championship match: Bayley (c) vs. Charlotte Flair

A tie up to start between the two. Charlotte knocks her down with two shoulder blocks. Charlotte taunts and Bayley is able to a pin attempt on her. After Charlotte kicks out then Bayley gets a cradle on Charlotte. She gets a two count. Bayley sends Charlotte to the apron and knocks her off with a clothesline. Bayley goes on the apron waits for Charlotte to get up. She gets up and Bayley connects with a hurracarna. She puts Charlotte in the ring and goes for the cover and kicks out at two. After hitting a series of moves, Bayley goes for the Belly to Bayley, but Charlotte blocks with her hands on the ropes and then rolls out the ring. After some frustration of waiting for Charlotte, Bayley goes after her. She gets met with a clothesline from Charlotte. She puts Bayley in the ring, but Charlotte is able to come back . After several moves, Charlotte applies submission. Charlotte targets Bayley’s neck and after releasing the submission hits a neckbreaker and a big boot that sends Bayley into the turnbuckle.

Charlotte takes advantage of Bayley and continues the attack on her neck. Eventually she goes to the top turnbuckle, and barely connects with the moonsault. She then hits a flipping senton and covers her. Bayley kicks out at two. Bayley is able to comeback with a clothesline and hit an onslaught of moves. She gets a high range back drop and goes for the pin. She gets a two count. Bayley continues her attack on Charlotte with elbows and kicks . There was an awkward moment of Bayley missing a springboard elbow. Bayley stomps into Charlotte and then goes to the top of the turnbuckle. Charlotte stops her and goes on top of the turnbuckle. Bayley gets back on top of the turnbuckle and connects with a hurracarna. She then goes back to the top turnbuckle and hits an elbow drop. She covers her and gets a near fall. Charlotte is able to get Bayley outside the ring. Charlotte gets Bayley back in the ring and connects with the Natural Selection. She gets a near fall.

Charlotte sends Bayley outside the ring and as she’s on the attack, Sasha Banks comes out for Charlotte just as she’s on the top turnbuckle. Charlotte and Sasha fight, Charlotte sends Banks back in the ring. Banks instantly rolls out the ring on the side Bayley is and Charlotte follows. Bayley connects with Belly to Bayley on a distracted Charlotte. Bayley puts Charlotte back in the ring, but she’s able to get a small package while holding the tights. Banks calls Charlotte out on this to the referee who stops the count. Bayley is able to capitalize with a Belly to Bayley and get the three count.

Winner: Bayley. Oh dear god, what a mess. What a confusing mess. Bayley and Sasha now come across as heels. Bayley tells Charlotte to keep Dana in the back (and Charlotte sends her packing herself) and then Sasha runs out for no reason. WWE continues to screw up Bayley’s character and this made things worse. A decent match, but the ending really left a bad taste in my mouth (and the crowd’s based on their quiet reaction).

Video package for the Goldberg/Owens match.

WWE Universal Championship match: Kevin Owens (c) vs. Goldberg.

A lot of stalling with Kevin Owens as he waits outside the ring. And after lots of stalling from Owens, Jericho distracts him in which Goldberg hits a spear and jackhammer. He gets the three count.

Winner: Goldberg. It was a simple spear and jack hammer, so there’s nothing much to judge. Owens gets a bit of an out for the Jericho distraction. I’m not a fan of Goldberg winning the title so close to WrestleMania, but it is what it is.

Overall, a skippable pay-per-view. The only match that stood out was Neville vs. Gallagher. Joe/Zayn and Reigns/Strowman were good, but nothing memorable. The ending to the women’s title match was a mess. Thanks for following along and have a good evening.