WWE Fastlane: Big Cass & Enzo Amore Vs. Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson (Tag Team Title Match)

Enzo and Cass come out to a nice pop and do their usual pre match routine.

Cass hits Anderson with a big knee to the gut and several punches throughout. He tags Enzo. They both connect with a double team move on Anderson. Gallows comes in, but he’s sent outside by Cass and Cass launches Enzo outside into Gallows and Anderson. Anderson is sent into the ring. Gallows distracts Enzo and Anderson connects with a nice kick. After another kick, Anderson tags Gallows. Gallows connects with a body slam and covers Enzo. He kicks out at two. A sleeper hold is applied by Gallows. Enzo gets out, but Gallows is able to knock him back down. He tags Anderson. After a bit of offense, Anderson applies a chin lock.

After a brief stretch, Enzo is able to get out. Enzo hits an enziguri outside sending Anderson outside the ring. He goes outside and Gallows attempts to attack him, but Enzo moves out of the way and Gallows goes full steam in to the ring post. Enzo gets back into the with Anderson doing the same. As Enzo runs over to Cass, Anderson connects with a kick to the head. Anderson tags Gallows who misses an elbow. He tags Gallows and Enzo hot Cass. Cass runs in and cleans house and nails the big empire elbow. Gallows stops the pin and the tag match breaks down to everyone coming in. After Cass is taken out by Gallows outside the ring, Enzo hits a flying cross body from the apron to Gallows outside the ring. Enzo comes in, but is caught with a kick to the head by Anderson. Anderson covers Enzo. Enzo gets his foot on the rope, but Gallows quickly pushes it off from outside with the referee seeing it. Anderson gets a three count.

Winner: Gallows & Anderson. Decent match. Nothing bad or clunky, but nothing you will remember a week from now. I’m assuming a multi tag match will happen at WrestleMania as Sheamus and Cesaro were screwed out their title match as well.