WWE Fastlane: Big Show Vs. Rusev


Rusev vs. Big Show

Big Show comes out and pretty much destroys Rusev for several minutes. Rusev comes back after a pin attempt, but Big Show counters again. He runs from the ropes, but Rusev chops the knees sending Big Show down. Rusev is able to target the knee, with applying a leg lock submission. Big Show gets out and hits a sidewalk slam and gets a close two count.

Rusev rolls outside the ring.

Big Show grabs his hair, but Rusev clubs him. Rusev gets back into the ring, but Big Show grabs him by the throat. He lifts him up for the chokeslam, but Rusev counters with a leg chop. Rusev nails three kicks to the head and gets a close two count. Rusev goes for the accolade, but Big Show counters and nails a chokeslam.

Big Show hits two more chokeslams and to add insult to injury, her punches a already out Rusev. He gets the easy three count.

Winner: Big Show. Again, a pre show match. Show looked good. I feel bad for Rusev. WWE is just wasting him for no appear reason.


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