WWE Gets Serious About Preventing Concussions, Curtis Axel News


– Triple H has been high on Curtis Axel, the former Michael McGillicutty, for a long time now. He appears to be the one behind Axel’s current push but the way Axel was booked on RAW left some people wondering.

Axel has another big supporter – The Rock. Rock and Axel trained together to prepare for Rock’s most recent WWE pay-per-view matches.

– WWE is very serious about preventing concussions right now. Due in part to the Dolph Ziggler concussion, talents at Extreme Rules were told to be very careful and stay away from their opponents heads.

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Source: F4Wonline.com


  1. noooo come on concussions are serious but most of the time are not. its not worth not doing moves to the head. if wwe takes attacks and grapples to the head away im done watching it.

    • I understand how you feel but the concussion thing is a very big deal in sports.Sorry to tell it like it is but the head shots will be a thing of the past.The lawsuits is what is scaring the WWE and NFL

  2. Yeah, it’s getting absurd. This is pro wrestling! Way too many “preventative measures” for this, that, and the other nowadays. Just shows the current crop of wrestlers in today’s day and age of WWE wouldn’t have lasted 6 months in the heyday of the biz. I’m almost ready to say f*** it all as well after 29 years of being a dedicated fan. It’s just not what it was.

    • agreed, I find myself watching WWF matches from the 80’s and 90’s to quench my desire to watch some entertaining wrestling. WWE of today is the equivalent of watered down coffee.

  3. Pathetic. What ever happened to being good at what you do and not injuring people…. accident happen… no matter how careful you are. WWE of today is literally covered by bubble wrap. I almost can’t take another terrible chair to back bump.. dudes head is right there.and these ” heels ” are basically saying. ” oh I’ll wait till.you are turned around. And I’ll tap your back gently. “. How the hell can ppl have any interest in that… may well strap on head gear with sock’em boppers. Absolute trash.


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