WWE Goes Against Fan Vote, RP Star at WWE Tryouts, Vince


– While he returned to WWE TV at TLC last night, Vince McMahon is not being advertised by WWE for tonight’s RAW.

– Resistance Pro Wrestling star Robert Anthony is another confirmed name who worked the WWE tryouts in Orlando this past weekend. Anthony was previously signed to a WWE developmental deal.

– WWE is now referring to Randy Orton as the WWE World Heavyweight Champion. On RAW two weeks ago, fans voted for the winner of Orton vs. John Cena to be called the Unified Champion. There was a feeling at RAW when it was announced that WWE would change their minds.

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Partial source: PWInsider


  1. Gee…how many times has WWE overrided fan voting now? I’m up to at least 4 different times.

    More proof that anyone who has a half a brain should not download that ad-ridden phone crashing WWE app.

  2. If I remember correctly the poll wasn’t made for the fans to decide what the title would be called. The WWE just wanted the fans opinion.

    • That’s not the way they implied it on RAW. They clearly asked fans what they think the new title should be named…and after the big hoopla on the voting results..JBL made a comment about the new title name…and Cole corrected him and said…that’s not what the fans voted. I mean..if that was only an opinion..why did they make such a big deal of it the entire RAW show if the voting really didn’t matter?

      Again…it’s another way to get you to download their crummy app and fill your phone with ads and spam.

  3. The question was “what SHOULD the new champion be called” and right after they announced the the results Michael Cole said “Im sure the Authority will take that poll result into consideration when determining what the new champ will be called”.
    WWE Fan polling yet again just like actual Voting FULL of people who dont properly understand and read what they are voting for then act all surprised and upset with the results.


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