WE RANKED: Post-WWE Tag Teams The Revolt NEEDS To Wrestle

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Photo Credit: Ricky Havlik/All Elite Wrestling

Let’s Get The Entire AEW Roster Out Of The Way First…

The 800-pound gorilla in the room. I think most people expect The Revival to end up in AEW before all is said and done. There’s a lot of great talent on that roster, and if there’s one thing you can say about the promotion so far, it’s that they’ve consistently committed to taking tag team wrestling seriously.

That said, I want to avoid giving too much space to any one promotion, so let’s just get the incredibly substantial AEW tag team division out of the way and explore a few less obvious choices.

The obvious “dream match” – in that people haven’t shut up about it in years – is The Revival vs. THE YOUNG BUCKS. That’s where the entire “FTR” thing started, after all. I’d like to point out that it was actually Cody Rhodes who continued to perpetuate the catchphrase at literally every show he did for the better part of the year – and that’s why CODY & DUSTIN RHODES should also be on anyone’s list of must-see matches.

The Revival’s style in the ring would be a real interesting addition to AEW as there are a hell of a lot of high-flyers to take to the mat. PRIVATE PARTY, SOCAL UNCENSORED, BEST FRIENDS, THE HYBRID 2, and another pseudo-dream match with THE LUCHA BROTHERS are obvious picks. I’m not exactly sure what the hell The Revival would do with JURASSIC EXPRESS, but I know I definitely want to find out.

AEW is really a great place for The Revival because there’s near unlimited potential for them to put on great matches every week. It’s not even just the established names. You could throw them in there with random members of any faction, or guys like Darby Allin or Hangman Page, and you know they’re going to tear the house down as long as they’re taken seriously and given enough time to work.

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