WWE Hell in a Cell Results (10/8): Kevin Owens vs Shane McMahon, Tag Titles Decided Inside HIAC & More!



Corbin becomes enemy number one as soon as the bell rings, as both opponents make it clear they’re going after him first. He tries to bail but they go outside and bring him back in, putting the boots to the Lone Wolf all around the ring. Dillinger attempts to roll up the champion out of nowhere and almost steals the title. Styles with a drop down into a nice dropkick, but he’s dragged to the floor by Corbin who was laying in wait. The two challengers then go after each other, trading back and forth with chops. Dillinger is caught on the top rope and takes a hard right to the jaw, sending him crashing to the outside.

Corbin now goes to work on the champion himself, bullying Styles all around the ring with stiff right hooks. The crowd loudly chants “where’s your briefcase?” which just makes the beatings all the more furious. Tye attempted to get back into the match but Corbin had it scouted and wisely knocked him off the apron to continue his assault on the champ. Styles took a hell of a beating, as every time the crowd would begin chanting for him Baron would throw him into a table, the ring post, etc. Great manipulation of the crowd there from the young up-and-comer.

Corbin has controlled the bulk of this match after the ten minute mark, isolating the two babyfaces from each other and picking one apart while the other is down. With Styles in a heap on the floor he turned back to Dillinger and attempted to rip his arm out of its socket. Eventually AJ came back and tried for the springboard forearm, but Corbin again caught him out of the air with a ridiculous left hook! Nobody can get anything going on him.

Styles fired up with rapid rights and lefts, strikes and a flurry of kicks to finally take the Lone Wolf off his feet, following up with a sliding forearm strike. He motioned for the Clash but the big man easily threw him off, only to get caught in the ropes and sent flying to the outside. Dillinger reemerged with a big back body drop on the champion, as a loud “TEN” chant broke out. Time for the mounted punches as the crowd chants along with them; the tenth was reserved specially for Corbin on the apron. They fought back and forth looking for a superplex but Styles managed to escape, only to run into a shin variation on Eat Defeat.

Tye removes his kneepad and looks to put this match away, but the champion had it scouted and rolled into the Calf Crusher! Dillinger looks like he’s going to tap out, but Corbin grabs his hand at the last split second and pulls him out of the ring to save the match. AJ came flying over the ropes with a Phenomenal Forearm to the floor, taking out both of his opponents. He tried to drag Corbin back into the ring but couldn’t get the big man up, and was sent crashing hard into the ring post. Dillinger almost stole the win with a rollup out of nowhere, shades of Smackdown, but this time Corbin kicked out and murdered him with the Deep Six. Styles is back but he takes a brutal chokeslam backbreaker coming off the springboard! CORBIN IS ROLLING!

Corbin with a big boot; Dillinger with a superkick; Styles with the Pele and all three go down like dominoes. They all slowly get back to their feet and Corbin rushes the corner, only to eat the ring post the hard way. Styles connects with a springboard 450 splash, but Tye saves the match flying out of nowhere. Styles Clash connects on Dillinger, but Corbin sends the champion to the floor with a big boot! Corbin pins Dillinger! 1…2…3!

Winner and New Champion: Baron Corbin

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