WWE Hell in a Cell Results (10/8): Kevin Owens vs Shane McMahon, Tag Titles Decided Inside HIAC & More!



Ziggler came out without any entrance music. Perfect.

Dolph shoots the half to the start the match and tries to take his opponent down, but Roode takes him over and literally wrestles circles around him on the mat. The Glorious one has a devilish look in his eyes as he stomps away on his opponent, knowing that he’s in total control following up with a sliding elbow drop to the heart.

After several minutes Ziggler finally got some momentum going taking a few cheap shots, and slowed down the pace of the match with a series of sleeper holds. Roode started to fade but the crowd got behind him and fired him up into a big back suplex to break the hold. Dolph took a brutal bump into the ring post hitting his head and shoulder. The two went back and forth exchanging big right hands, with Roode getting the better of the exchange. Ziggler ran into a pair of boots in the corner and got taken down with a second rope Blockbuster for two. Bobby followed up with a twisting urinage slam but still couldn’t pick up the win. Ziggler busted out a wicked hesitation DDT to take both guys down, sending the match back to square one.

Ziggler measures his opponent for the finish but Roode fights back out of the Zig-Zag, only to run into a sleeper hold a second time. Some of the crowd is actually chanting for the Showoff. The Fameasser connects but it’s not enough. He started to tune up the band but got caught. They traded pin combinations reversing each other’s finishers several times, and Roode was able to steal the victory with a handful of tights!

Winner: Bobby Roode

Ziggler immediately hit a Zig-Zag as soon as Roode’s music played to cut it off and leave him laying.

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