WWE Hell In A Cell Results (10/6): Seth Rollins & The Fiend Go To Hell



Rowan & Harper take out Daniel Bryan quickly as then they start to demolish Roman Reigns. Reigns comes back with a Superman Punch on Harper, but Rowan comes back quick and starts to deliver multiple forearms to the back of the neck of Reigns. They send Bryan into the barricade, keeping him down as Rowan grabs the steel steps and drives them right into the face of Roman Reigns.

Bryan tries to fight back, but back in the ring, Rowan nails a big spinning back kick on Bryan. They put Bryan on the shoulders of Rowan and it looks like Harper is climbing the top rope. Roman comes back and knocks Harper off the top and to the outside. Bryan gets off and goes for a roll up on Rowan, but Rowan kicks out. Harper comes back in and hits Harper with a kick to the arm. The Yes Kicks start to Harper in the corner and then a low dropkick to the knee of Harper.

He goes running off the ropes and Rowan gets the low bridge on Bryan as he goes crashing and burning on the outside. Roman Reigns comes out of nowhere and hits a drive by on Rowan! Then out of nowhere again, Harper gets a suicide dive on Roman, taking himself out and then hitting face first into the announce table!

Harper and Rowan are up first and slam Bryan face first into the apron. Rowan goes and rips off a piece of the barricade and crushes Reigns in between it. Harper & Rowan proceed to clear off all of the announce tables and bring Daniel Bryan into the center one. All three men on top of the table and now Bryan gets put on the shoulders of Harper. Bryan counters and puts on a hurricanrana, sending Harper to the mat! Roman comes out of nowhere and runs across two tables and spears Rowan through the third!

Back in the ring, Harper is thrown in and he gets hit with a Superman Punch by Roman, a Running Knee by Daniel Bryan, and then a finishing spear by Roman. 1…..2…..3.

Winners: Roman Reigns & Daniel Bryan

After the match, Roman Reigns looks to shake Daniel Bryan’s hand, but Bryan hugs him instead.

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