WWE Hell In A Cell Results (10/6): Seth Rollins & The Fiend Go To Hell



Ali starts by working the arm of Orton, but Orton backs him up into the corner and then hits Ali across the chest with a chop. Ali returns with a chop of his own and he starts with forearms to the face of Orton, but Orton gets Ali with a well placed thumb to the eye. Orton sends Ali to the outside and he follows. He hits Ali with first a front suplex on Ali onto announce table, then follows it up with a back suplex on the announce table.

Back in the ring, Orton starts to stomp away maliciously on Ali. He locks in a deep sleeper on Ali in the middle of the ring and Ali is struggling to breath, but fights to his feet, trying to create some sort of separation. Orton sends him off the ropes then telegraphs, but Ali hits him with a kick to the midsection. Ali tries to fight back, but Orton hits him with a knee to the midsection. Orton sends Ali off the ropes and then delivers his power slam with great impact. He goes for the cover and Ali kicks out at two.

Orton goes for a kick, but Ali catches it and hits him with a big roundhouse to the face. Orton goes to recover in the corner, but Ali jumps towards him and hits him with a tornado DDT! Ali goes up top to hit the 450 splash, but Orton moves out of the way. He proceeds to put Ali on the 2nd rope and hits his VINTAGE Orton DDT. He sets up for an RKO, but Ali counters! He hits Orton with a dropkick and the goes onto the apron. He rolls to hit a rolling DDT, but Orton surprises Ali and nails him with an RKO out of nowhere! Orton goes for the pin and picks up the victory.

Winner: Randy Orton


Kairi Sane looks to shake hands with Nikki Cross to start the match, but apparently Kairi is not nice and hits Nikki with rights then tosses her into her corner. She runs and hits a sliding knee on Nikki. Nikki is able to tag in Alexa and Asuka comes back in and hits Alexa with a nasty kick.

The match breaks down quick and Alexa goes flying onto Kairi. As the referee tries to gain control, Asuka sprays green mist in the face of Nikki and hits her with a kick then goes for the cover to pick up the victory.

Winners AND NEW WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions: The Kabuki Warriors

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