WWE Hell In A Cell Results (10/6): Seth Rollins & The Fiend Go To Hell



Bayley starts fast with Charlotte, but goes for a cross body from the 2nd rope but whiffs. Charlotte locks in a Boston Crab on Bayley, but Bayley gets herself to the ropes and then to the outside. Charlotte goes after Bayley, but Bayley pokes Charlotte in the eye. She pulls Charlotte to the outside and starts slamming Charlotte’s leg into the LED board.

Back in the ring, Bayley puts Charlotte’s leg around the ropes and pulls on it, and the referee is forced to count to 4 before Bayley lets go. Bayley pulls Charlotte to the corner and she begins to slam Charlotte’s leg into the ring post.

On the outside now, Bayley goes after Charlotte and she catches Bayley and delivers a fall away slam on the outside. She throws her back in and goes for the Figure 4, but Bayley turns it into a rollup. Charlotte gets out and turns it once again into a Figure 4, then bridges it into a Figure 8! Bayley has no choice but to tap out!!

Winner AND NEW WWE Smackdown Women’s Champion: Charlotte

After the match, Bayley goes crazy and throws the ring steps and has a tantrum on the outside of the ring.


Backstage, Gable says that it felt so good coming out ahead of Corbin. He asks the interviewer to go find Corbin and asks him what it’s like to come up short. He walks away but is brutally attacked by Baron Corbin.

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