WWE Hell In A Cell Results (10/6): Seth Rollins & The Fiend Go To Hell



Seth comes to the ring first and then we see the intro to the FireFly Fun House. It’s quickly turned into the lights shutting down and we hear “LET ME IN”. The Fiend comes out once again, with the Bray Wyatt head lantern in ominous fashion. He comes out to the ring and sets the lantern on the ring apron. Bray enters the ring and removes his coat as Seth stares at him and the two get ready.

The lights have still not come on and we are in the dark as the light shines in red. The Fiend goes right after Seth and throws him out of the ring. Rollins goes for a kendo stick on the outside and the Fiend tells Seth to bring it on. Seth hits Bray twice with the Kendo stick and the Fiend doesn’t react at all. Seth goes to the top and tries to nail Wyatt and Bray catches him and delivers a Urinage to Seth in the middle of the ring. Seth rolls to the outside and Bray follows and sends Rollins into the steel cage over and over.

Seth is laying in the corner and Bray runs into him, crushing him in the corner. Bray goes looking for some toys under the ring, but Seth grabs the steel steps and ramps them into the face of The Fiend not once, not twice, but three times. The Fiend is now staggered, so Seth runs in the ring and hits a suicide dive on Bray, sending him into the cage.  He goes for it again and Bray catches him and delivers a Sister Abigail into the cage!

Back in the ring now, and Bray brings a table into the ring and Seth hits a super kick onto Bray! He puts Bray on the table and jumps to the top to hit a frog splash! He goes for the cover, but Bray kicks out! Seth sets up Bray now for another superkick and another and then hits a Curb Stomp on Bray! He hits him with another, and then another, but the Fiend still continues to get up! He hits the Pedigree on Bray and then a Curb Stomp and goes for the cover, BUT BRAY KICKS OUT AT ONE!

Seth hits 3 more Curb Stomps and goes for the cover, but once again, Bray kicks out! Bray is now just laying in the ring as Seth gets some chairs and starts to beat down Bray with them in the center of the ring and Bray is not moving. He starts to stack ladders and chairs more on The Fiend. He goes outside and grabs a sledge hammer. He is thinking about hitting Bray with it, but thinks twice. Then he realizes he has to, but the referee stopped him, telling him that he’ll kill him and to think about who he is. Seth thinks about it, distraught for a few minutes….then SMASHES THE SLEDGE HAMMER INTO THE MESS ON TOP OF BRAY!!

Winner by DQ: Bray Wyatt

The referee proceeds to call for the bell….WHAT?! and the medical team comes to check on Bray but Rollins check on him too…then he puts in the mandible claw on Seth. They go to the outside and Bray lifts up the mats then delivers a Sister Abigail on the concrete. He locks in the Mandible Claw once again and Seth starts to bleed from the mouth to end the show.

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