WWE Hiring Coach for Network Talk Show?, Mood on New Talents


– Right now WWE’s mood on hiring new talents is that they’re negative on real athletes and more positive to indie wrestlers but still down on small guys and looking for the bigger physiques.

– WWE looks to be either close to or has just signed a new deal with former announcer and current ESPN personality Jonathan Coachman. The two sides have been discussing a part-time gig where Coach would keep his ESPN job but would do in-studio wrap-arounds for WWE. One idea thrown out would be for him to host a WWE talk show for the WWE Network.

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Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter


      • He’s a character in TNA and that’s what he’s known for and that’s part of the reason Eddie is saying that. I get tired of WWE monopolizing the boards so it’s good to talk about the other promotions. Anyone for ROH chat?

        • its not talked about alot cause if any other company besides wwe is mentioned all the rants start. its so funny how much of slaves people are to the wwe product, i dont give a s*** about wwe i just like pro wrestling


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