WWE Inducting DX with a Controversial Member?, Warrior-WWE, More


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– There is still no deal between The Ultimate Warrior and WWE but it’s said Warrior is more open to having a deal with them than he has been in the past. There continues to be talk about Warrior getting inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame during WrestleMania XXX weekend.

– On a related note, it looks like DX as a group will be the 2014 WWE Hall of Fame headliners. They were going to go in this year until WWE worked out a deal with Bruno Sammartino.

The big news coming out of a possible DX induction is the return of Chyna to WWE TV. Word going around WWE is that she will be invited. Sources close to Chyna are also aware of a possible induction and there may have been some early communication between the two sides already.

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Source: PWInsider


  1. I used to be a huge Warrior fan but boy was I disappointed over the unprofessionalism he showed in the ring, and especially when he just disappeared from WWE television. Now that we all know what an asshole he is, I’m just not overly excited to see Warrior on WWE television. But hey, people do change I guess…

  2. If your gonna induct the Warrior into the Hall of fame, then you should also induct guys like Davey Boy Smith, Dynamite Kid (Both of which could wrestle circles around the Warrior), Ahmed Johnson, Lex Luger, Buff Bagwell, Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, Ted Arcidi, Khali, etc.


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