WWE Interested In CMLL and NJPW Wrestlers, Dawson’s Release


– As noted, WWE released NXT announcer Tony Dawson this past week. Word is that Dawson was a nice guy but didn’t have any passion for wrestling. He and Tom Phillips were hired around the same time and the feeling was Phillips had passed him by.

– WWE has shown interest in Mexican star Volador Jr. The CMLL promotion is apparently aware of their interest.

– It’s being reported in Japan that Tensai was making $100,000 per year with New Japan Pro Wrestling and to lure him away, WWE offered $400,000. It’s also being reported that WWE is trying to sign NJPW stars Karl Anderson and Prince Devitt.

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Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter


  1. Many believe that Volador Jr has in fact come to an agreement with WWE already which might explain why he lost his mask at CMLL’s 80th anniversary card two weeks ago. Seeing as how he would most likely be re-gimmicked in the WWE Volador Jr may have preferred to lose the mask in the traditional mascara contra mascara match and collect one last big payday from CMLL. He is currently working unmasked in CMLL but many fans seem to think he has already made the choice to leave to WWE, and there is rumors he himself has hinted as much.

    • just hope that WWE won’t limit his abilities like they did with mystico Mexican wrestlers have hart in the bussiness and when they get here they change them or make them jobbers


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