WWE Interested In International Wrestler After HHH Sees a Tape

– WWE officials are reportedly very interested in bringing current New Japan Pro Wrestling star Prince Devitt, who may or may not be contracted to the promotion.

The story goes that Adrian Neville (the former Pac) was signed by WWE because William Regal brought a tape of Neville vs. Devitt to Triple H. This led to WWE going right after Pac.

The interest in Devitt continues. His name keeps coming up within WWE in regards to names who they would like to reach out to.

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Source: PWInsider

  • Matthew DeAngelo

    Weren’t they interested in the guy 2 years ago? Guess it took that long for him to change his name

  • Mike Arienti

    They have plenty of talent on the payroll which they’re doing nothing with…

  • Bobby Seagle

    Devitt whoever he is should remain in Japan if he knows whats good for him. He’s gonna end up like Sin Cara making 3 minute appearances or becoming a WWE puppet like Drew McIntyre and watching WWE destroy his character. Even if he comes over, it will only be brief before we see him working dark matches only.

    • Rich Francis

      wrong Sin Cara is always hurt!!!

  • Joshua Nixon

    Only thing I don’t like about wwe is they do not let people wrestle their styles. Maybe the exception when Cm Punk and Daniel Bryan come to mind. Prince Devitt can wrestle multiple styles and that comes from wrestling all over the world. I’m surprised to see they let Daniel Bryan even execute a german suplex off the top rope on Seth Rollins last night. Honestly this a build up for their cruiserweight show when they launch their network. Like what triple h is doing when it comes to scouting talent.

  • raul cruz

    Devitt is an awesome talent but seems to lack the size and weight that WWE wants. Heck at 5′ 10″ Evan Bourne was considered a short guy. I am not sure Devitt would want to do what Sin Cara did, throwing away a secure spot in main event status with an established company just to [supposedly] make more money in WWE.

  • ItBeThatWays

    In the end of day, no matter what industry places restrictions it’s up to you to “adapt” your style. If you are truly “great” you can do this. There is Indy talent in every industry but not everyone is capable of crossing over.