WWE Interested In TNA Talents?, Punk Comments on HOF, The Briscoes

– CM Punk commented on the WWE Hall of Fame last night via Twitter, making a case for The Ultimate Warrior, Randy Savage and the Poffo family to be inducted:

“Ultimate Warrior. Better be hall of fame bound. Savage too. All them Poffos.”

– There’s a feeling within Ring of Honor that The Briscoes will be returning although no time frame is known that their return is not official yet. They are not expected to sign with WWE but that could always change.

– WWE has zero interest in any of the outgoing TNA talents right now. The feeling is that none of them bring anything to the table that WWE can’t develop themselves with their own talents in NXT before bringing to the main roster.

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Source: PWInsider

  • Edward Ritlop

    Hmm so a guy like Magnus, Joe, Aj Styles or women like Mickie James wouldn’t fit on their roster? I guess they have so many great programs outside of Bryan

    • Action Movie Fanatix

      I don’t think that is really what they are getting at. It says “outgoing TNA talent”, meaning the few that have left already or are expected to be leaving soon. And honestly, I love AJ Styles but I don’t see him flourishing in WWE. They probably have people in developmental that would do much, MUCH better in WWE than AJ and they can pay them considerably less.

      • Neil

        LOL, yes WWE have tons of wrestlers in development with the in ring ability of AJ Styles

        • Action Movie Fanatix

          Considering they have close to 100 people in developmental at one stage or another I am sure there are many people capable of reaching AJ Styles’ level of talent.

          And, in case you haven’t noticed, AJ isn’t exactly phenomenal on the mic. There are probably dozens of people in developmental that are already better than him on the mic.

          And since my comment was not so much about in ring ability and more about how well AJ Styles would actually do in WWE (ie how much money he could make them) in ring ability is almost not important.

    • OK, so you’re a Magnus fan. I have to know, what is so great about him? I’m not trying to knock him or you. I just don;t see it. He’s mediocre on the mic and (in my opinion) does not generate any excitement at all.

      I find him boring and uninspiring. And I just don;t get why people consider him a top talent. ANy time I ask, I just get called a hater while getting no answers. So maybe you can help. I legitimately want to know what a Magnus fan sees in him. Because I just don’t see anything.

      • Gregory Johnson

        Sounds like your talking about the pathetic excuse for wresting on WWE. The matches are so predictable it is not worth watching any more. I will take TNA over WWE any day.

      • fmdof

        for me, I don’t mind him. Not a huge fan, and I don’t think he’s top talent by any means. What I think people, Dixie perhaps, see in him is his look, and age. He’s still got a lot to learn, and the time to learn it. I’m not saying he’s the next randy orton, but orton was the same way 10 years ago, had the look and was young, and look at him now. They too, kinda jumped the gun on orton. Being British doesn’t hurt either, as TNA is really popular over there, but then again, Douglas Williams is and he’s a vastly superior performer, and he’s no longer there. I can see him being a star later on, but he’s needs time in NXT or something first, not OVW.

  • raul cruz

    I think WWE would rather wait for TNA to go under so they can sign these wrestlers for less than what they would ask if TNA was around to counteroffer.

  • J West

    AJ Styles is wanting more in his negotiations with TNA, I would LOVE to see him escape s***ty TNA and sign with WWE… Also Kurt Angle may be looking for a bigger pay day soon, and would likely want access to WWE’s treatment for addictions.