WWE Issues Survey On SummerSlam & WrestleMania 30

WWE is asking new fans for feedback about the WWE Network again. The new letter was sent to fans with questions about WrestleMania XXX and SummerSlam.

The first question is posed specifically to those fans who ordered WrestleMania via pay-per-view and not on the WWE Network, asking why they chose that method. The potential answers are:

* Have a limited budget and chose to spend my money elsewhere
* Don’t have fast enough broadband
* Don’t know how to set up WWE Network on my TV
* Have data limit and want to avoid overage charges
* It would be too complicated

As for SummerSlam, the survey asks who we want to see on the show with the following options:

* John Cena
* Brock Lesnar
* Cesaro
* AJ Lee
* Roman Reigns
* Batista

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