WWE Legends House Update, Backstage News on Bryan & Ambrose, More


– For the week ending May 19th, which was its first week being released, the WrestleMania 29 DVD was #9 on the overall sales charts. It ranked #1 on the sports charts. The DVD set sold 49,146 units for $982,489 in its first week.

– WWE’s George Barrios recently denied reports that WWE was looking to put Legends House on cable TV this year because it’s a show for the WWE Network, when it launches.

Word is that recently, WWE officials were shopping the show around to networks because they didn’t want it to become dated since there’s no confirmed start date for the WWE Network. When none of the networks wanted the show, WWE’s official story changed back to the show being a WWE Network exclusive.

– WWE Hall of Famer Edge used to be considered one of the best at putting together a match among his peers. Among the current group of WWE stars, CM Punk and Chris Jericho have that reputation but it’s said that Daniel Bryan is starting to get it. Of the newer guys, Dean Ambrose is starting to develop a good reputation.

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Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter


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