WWE Looks at Ambrose’s Reign, Credible on Staying In Shape, Birthdays


– Justin Credible talks about staying in shape in his latest Pro Wrestling 101 video:

– WWE Hall of Famer Dory Funk, Jr. turns 73 years old today while Marty Jannetty turns 54 and former WWE Diva Angela Fong turns 29. Also, today would have been the 54th birthday of Hall of Famer Kerry Von Erich.

– WWE’s website notes that while WWE United States Champion Dean Ambrose is currently the longest reigning champion in WWE, he has a ways to go before becoming the longest reigning US Champion. Ambrose will pass the #5 ranked Ric Flair & Barry Windham (tied) after 283 days but has a long way before passing Lex Luger, who is the longest reigning US Champion at 523 days.

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    • The way I read it he’s the longest reigning current title holder. Meaning out of all the current title holders right now he’s held onto his the longest. It could have been written better.

    • No, that goes to MVP who held the title for 343 days. What I don’t get is why they’re touting it around like it’s some sort of accomplishment when he hasn’t defended the title in 4 months at Hell in a Cell.

      Though they’re likely to bring this up as part of the Shield break-up storyline.

    • Yes, he’s the Longest Reigning Undefended US Champion in history. He will be in a match with Hornswaggle to Unify that with the Hardcore Championship whenever either of them can agree to defend either title again. My plot is to have them both in 6 man tag, have everyone else leave, then change it to the Unification match. Then you can have the Unified Undefended US Hardcore Championship.


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