Spoilers: WWE Main Event Taping Results – 2/20/13


WWE will tape this week’s episode of WWE Main Event from the Mississippi Coast Coliseum in Biloxi, Mississippi. Here are the full results courtesy of Calvin Martin.

Dark Match

* Curt Hawkins vs. Bo Dallas is up first. Dallas got the win with an arm drag.

WWE Main Event

* Michael Cole and The Miz are out for commentary.

* Big Show comes out and complains about his loss at Elimination Chamber. He blame the loss on Booker T being jealous. Big Show says he will take on the whole locker room tonight.

* Big Show vs. The Usos in a handicap match is up next. Show gets a double pin after a double chokeslam.

* Brodus Clay is out next to face Big Show. Show gets the win with a knockout punch.

* The Great Khali is out next to face Show. Show hits a knockout punch that sends Khali out of the ring. He never makes it back in and gets counted out.

* The Miz leaves commentary and gets in the ring. Miz dropkicked Show out of the ring and hit a baseball slide. Show said “screw it” and walked out.

* Brad Maddox is interviewed backstage about working with Vickie Guerrero. He calls it the Bricky era.

* They show the Jack Swagger and Zeb Colter video about immigration again.

* Justin Gabriel is interviewed backstage when Titus O’Neil appears. This leads to a match next. Gabriel defeats Titus after a 450 Splash.

Vince Updates on Undertakers Status