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WWE Main Event Results – January 30, 2013



A video recapped the segment between Paul Heyman, Vince McMahon, and Brock Lesnar…The opening video aired, and Miz opened the show with TV on the stage as Michael Cole checked in on commentary. Miz introduced Ryback as his guest.

Ryback thanked Miz for having him and said he liked his show. They did the “really” gimmick and Miz said last time Ryback was on the show, he threw the couch out of the ring. Ryback said he didn’t realize how comfortable they were. Miz said if he was dishing out complements, “Well, feed me more!” Please kill me.

Miz setup a video that recapped Cesaro vs. Ryback from last week. Ryback said last week Cesaro ran like a coward, but this week he wouldn’t have a chance. Cesaro’s music hit and he ran out cutting a promo about how Ryback and Miz were conspiring against him like Miz did with Randy Orton on Raw. Ryback told him if he was going to run tonight he needed to start now. Ryback stormed to the ring…[C]

Ryback vs. Antonio Cesaro. Ryback went right at Cesaro and hit a stall suplex that he held for close to 20 seconds. Cole and Miz put Miz over as a referee as Ryback continued to pound on Cesaro. Ryback dumped Cesaro to the floor. He followed and slammed Cesaro against the barricade…[C]

Back at 6:08, Cesaro slammed Ryback into the steps outside and rolled in the ring. Ryback made the count at nine. Cesaro jumped on Ryback’s chest and abdomen with both feet and locked in a chin lock. Ryback powered right back and hit the meathook clothesline. Cesaro again tried to leave the ring area, but Ryback chased him down and slammed Cesaor several times on the metal ramp.

Ryback rolled Cesaro in the ring. Cesaro rolled all the way through to the announce table side. All of a sudden, he hit a thrust kick on Miz while Miz was mid-sentence. Ryback went after him, but Cesaro fled through the crowd and took the count out while Miz recovered and sold the shot…A video recapping what happened to Vince was hyped for next…

Ryback defeated Antonio Cesaro by count out at 11:35.

A video recapped what happened with Tensai and Brodus Clay from Raw. Backstage, The Prime Time Players walked up on Tensai and started cracking on him. Tensai got chesty and the two of them danced off. Brodus walked up and said Tensai should relax, it was just a joke and Tensai had to admit it was funny. Tensai said it wasn’t funny at all. He stormed off…[C]

The video that opened the show replayed. Cole announced the broken left hip gimmick and said Vince would need surgery…The Prime Time Players made their ring entrance.

Titus O’Neal (w/Darren Young) vs. Tensai. The first 90 second of the match was in the last quarter. Both men no-sold each other’s initial blows. Tensai broke dirty on the next lockup and kicked O’Neal. He dumped O’Neal to the floor and rolled him back in. That allowed O’Neal to hit a big knee and take control. Tensai started to fight back, but Darren Young distracted him, allowing Titus to dump Tensai over the top rope. Brodus Clay ran out to defend Tensai…[C]

Back at 8:37, Titus had Albert in a chin lock. Clay and the Funkadactyls were at ringside pulling for Tensai. Clay got the crowd hot for Tensai and Tensai hit a back elbow. He went for the splash, but Titus moved. Tensai hit his two handed choke slam out of nowhere. He followed with the Senton for the win…

Tensai defeated Titus O’Neal at 14:39.

Post-match, Clay and the ladies climbed in the ring. They celebrated with Tensai, but Tensai got chesty. The fans chanted for Tensai, so Clay’s music hit and they all danced to close the show…

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IMPACT Wrestling Results (1/19): Private Party vs Chris Sabin & James Storm, Tony Khan In The IMPACT Zone



IMPACT Wrestling Results

Welcome to’s live coverage of IMPACT Wrestling on AXS TV and Twitch. We are just three days removed from Hard To Kill, where the AEW World Champion Kenny Omega pinned IMPACT World Champion Rich Swann in a tremendous six-man tag team main event. We also have new Knockouts Tag Team Champions. 

IMPACT Wrestling
January 19, 2021
Nashville, TN

New footage is shown from “last Saturday” after the Hard To Kill main event. Kenny Omega and the Good Brothers celebrate their victory before Don Callis offers to get them all a few drinks. Once the others are gone, Callis turns back and looks directly into the camera. He tells us that he and Kenny have to take a bit of a hiatus in order to take care of some business in Jacksonville, but they’ll be back before you know it.

Rhino (w/ Cousin Jake) vs. Eric Young (w/ Joe Doering & Deaner)

Rhino backs EY into the corner and clubs him with big right hands. Young drives his thumbs into his eyes and slaps on a side headlock, wrenching on the hold for a minute. Rhino throws elbows to escape, rushes the corner, and runs right into a pair of boots. They collide in the center of the ring- both men down.

Deaner climbs into the ring and starts to argue with the referee. With the ref’s back turned, Joe Doering runs around the other side and attacks Rhino, driving his knee into the ring post. EY puts him in a kneebar submission, and the ECW legend is quickly forced to tap out.

Winner: Eric Young

Violence By Design beats down Rhino after the match. Cousin Jake runs in and gets in a few good shots, but quickly falls to the 3-on-1 attack. They wrap Rhino’s ankle in a steel chair and Doering jumps on it repeatedly, as they force Jake to watch him roll around screaming in pain.

More unseen footage from Hard To Kill. After the main event Rich Swann and Moose had a tense staredown coming back through the curtain. Moose attacked Swann and threw him head-first into a wall. He claimed to be a man of his word and was the best damn tag team partner possible in their six-man tag, but he wasn’t the reason they lost. Now he’s coming for the IMPACT World Championship.

Who Will Challenge The Good Brothers?

The Good Brothers make their way to the ring. No Bullet Club gear this time around. Karl Anderson asks how many times they need to make history before people give them the respect they deserve. Gallows claimed they did it again last Saturday night and it’s been a non-stop party ever since.

Chris Sabin cuts off the champions. He says the Good Brothers treat the IMPACT locker room like it’s their personal party bus, and reminds them that neither of the Motor City Machine Guns were pinned to lose the IMPACT World Tag Team Championships. He wants a rematch. Now.

Gallows points out the obvious, that Chris Sabin currently has no tag team partner because Alex Shelley is at home. Sabin realizes this, but went out and found another tag team partner with a bit of experience in the IMPACT tag team division…

“The Cowboy” James Storm is here! Storm runs down his long list of accolades and nicknames. He says he’s not afraid of the Good Brothers or any of their friends, and it’s time for them to either put up or shut up. Sorry about your damn luck!


Hardy welcomes himself back to IMPACT Wrestling and introduces Private Party, who he claims will be the “second best” tag team in wrestling history, after him and his brothers. He puts over AEW Dynamite on TNT and does a bit of Steiner Math on how much money he’ll be making as their official agent. Hardy says Private Party needs a warm-up match tonight before Dynamite, and thinks it should be against the IMPACT champions…

The Good Brothers claim they’re not wrestling tonight, and are headed to the back to continue drinking. However, they agree that if Private Party battles Shelley and Storm tonight, they’ll put their belts on the line against the winners at a later date. It’s on!



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WWE Raw Results (1/18): Alexa Bliss Returns To In-Ring Action, Randy Orton Burn Update & Gillberg Appears!



wwe monday night raw results

Welcome to’s live coverage of Monday Night Raw as the build to the WWE Royal Rumble continues and Alexa Bliss returns to in-ring action for the first time since November. Live coverage begins at 8:00 PM ET.

JANUARY 18, 2021


After an excellent video package paying tribute to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, we are shown Randy Orton backstage in a mask with burn scars, saying the voices in his head have never been louder. He says three weeks ago he held Alexa Bliss’ fate in his hands, but he showed a side of himself that he didn’t know existed…compassion.

Orton said his next victim arrived like a lamb to the slaughter (Triple H) until she interrupted. Orton says he hasn’t been able to sleep as all he sees is the ball of fire hurtling towards his face, and Randy says he is wearing the mask to protect himself and to shield everyone from the horror he endured.

Randy says he considers himself lucky, and he doesn’t blame Alexa Bliss, he blames The Fiend. He says he knows what The Fiend wants, which is to stop him from achieving the inevitable, which would be a third Royal Rumble victory as he watches clips of his previous two wins.

Orton says everyone in the locker room enjoyed seeing him be burnt, knowing that their biggest threat to the Rumble was gone. However, the Viper vows to remain in the Rumble match. He says he can only compete for as long as he can tolerate the pain, but the funny thing is, he enjoys the pain.

Randy says everyone can thank The Fiend when he burns their Royal Rumble dreams to ashes, as he goes on to main event WrestleMania.


Ric Flair and Lacey Evans are shown earlier today entering WWE Raw today. They’re asked about their relationship and Lacey questions if Charly Caruso is TMZ. She then says there is a reason Ric is known as the ‘Dirtiest Player In The Game,’ and as far as their relationship, she is simply learning from the greatest of all time.


While Charlotte Flair is making her entrance, she gets jumped from behind by Peyton Royce, with the two women brawling until they’re pulled apart by WWE officials. When the match begins, Charlotte Flair starts out very aggressively, attacking Peyton in the corner.

The match spills to the outside with Flair nailing several chops, but Peyton then backs away, only to be sent face-first into the announce table. Charlotte then goes for another chop but Royce avoids it and Charlotte’s hand slaps against the ring post, turning the tide of momentum here.

Flair turns things around again though, pulling Royce up on the top rope, but she then misses with a splash into the corner and Royce then pulls Charlotte down to the mat. Peyton then puts pressure on the Queen in the corner, pushing her foot straight into her neck.

However, Charlotte responds with a shoulder into the midsection and then a huge forearm as she drives Royce into the canvas. But just as Charlotte is on a roll…WOOO, the Nature Boy is here, with Lacey Evans in a classic Flair robe.

With Charlotte distracted, she turns around and gets nailed by a spinning kick from Peyton, yet she is still able to kick out of the pinfall attempt. Peyton then hits a jawbreaker and another big kick to the face, but Royce then tries and fails with an attack from the top rope.

This leads to Flair snapping Royce’s back across her knee as she follows up by slamming her face-first into the ring post. Flair then hits a big boot to Royce, dropping her out of the ring as she calls out Lacey Evans to appear and come and fight her.

Royce once again fights back with some elbow strikes and then several big kicks to the face, but Flair continues to kick out. Royce tries to keep her momentum going, but Flair goes after her knee several times, and she then locks in the Figure Eight which leads to the submission.

Winner: Charlotte Flair

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NJPW Road To The New Beginning Results (1/18): Hiroshi Tanahashi & Master Wato vs BUSHI & Shingo Takagi



The Road to The New Beginning tour continued on Monday with the second of eight shows heading into Nagoya on January 30. This was largely the same card as Sunday in the same building, with a few minor tweaks.

Kojima teamed with a different Young Lion but was still unsuccessful against The Empire. The second match featured the same stars with the outcome reversed, and the third match was exactly the same.

Tanahashi & SHO swapped places, as did Shingo & Hiromu in the final two matches to continue their respective programs. Master Wato is 2-0 in main events on this tour so far.

NJPW Road to The New Beginning Results
January 18, 2021
Korakuen Hall
Tokyo, Japan

— Great O-Khan & Will Ospreay def. Satoshi Kojima & Yuya Uemura

— Suzuki-Gun (El Desperado & DOUKI & Minoru Suzuki & Yoshinobu Kanemaru) def. Bullet Club (El Phantasmo & Gedo & Jado & Taiji Ishimori)

— CHAOS (Kazuchika Okada & Tomohiro Ishii & YOSHI-HASHI) def. Bullet Club (Dick Togo & EVIL & Yujiro Takahashi)

— Los Ingobernables de Japon (Hiromu Takahashi & SANADA & Tetsuya Naito) def. Kota Ibushi & SHO & Tomoaki Honma

— Hiroshi Tanahashi & Master Wato def. BUSHI & Shingo Takagi

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