Major Backstage Creative Changes Made to WWE 205 Live as Vince McMahon Hands Over Show Control


As seen on WWE 205 Live in recent weeks, the show has introduced a new General Manager in Drake Maverick, fka Rockstar Spud, and has launched the Cruiserweight Title tournament following the release of Enzo Amore.

According to, the reason why WWE 205 Live feels more akin to the Cruiserweight Classic in recent weeks is that Vince McMahon has completely stepped aside as a creative force behind the brand.

The show is now being run by Triple H, and The Game has made the decision to introduce 205 Live to many of the elements which made the WWE CWC successful when it took place and featured many of today’s 205 Live stars. Triple H is also reportedly focusing more on the in-ring wrestling and presentation of the product, whereas Vince McMahon was working with talents more on their personas.

There was also debate backstage in WWE regarding why 205 Live was not connecting with fans, with Vince feeling the show needed to be more character driven to be successful, while others in WWE felt the product needed to showcase why the Cruiserweights are different from the rest of the roster in the ring. Vince’s reasoning is why Enzo Amore was moved over to the brand and was also why there was a crossover with main roster stars on Raw. Others in WWE felt having the 205 Live stars echo the personalities of Raw and Smackdown stars did not help in distinguishing the unique talents of the Cruisers.

The head writer for 205 Live is Jonathan Baeckstrom, who has been working in WWE creative since 2013, and the past two weeks of the show has seen Triple H in total control, with many in WWE comparing 205 Live to the way the NXT product is booked. Adam Pearce continues to be the head producer/agent for 205 Live matches.

What has been seen on WWE 205 Live in the past two weeks is actually what the original vision for the brand looked like before Vince McMahon stepped in creatively, and the call to bring in NXT talents like Roderick Strong was specifically made to freshen up the brand’s in-ring product. The use of NXT talents, in addition to UK talents in the tournament such as Mark Andrews and Tyler Bate, could be a sign of possible roster changes and talent additions in the coming weeks, however as we noted yesterday, it’s possible some of the names are just being brought in for the Cruiserweight tournament and might not necessarily be permanent 205 Live roster members.

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