WWE Mixed Match Challenge Results (1/23): Big E & Carmella Face Team “Awesuka” in Week 2


WWE Mixed Match Challenge Results
January 23, 2018

– Big E and Carmella are out first wearing matching tights that say “FABULOUS” across the front. They start pulling pancakes out of everywhere and ate a few before throwing them at fans.


The Miz convinces his partner to let him start off first and he tries to lock up with Big E, but the New Day member is so ridiculously swoll any normal rest hold are basically useless. E locks in an abdominal stretch and starts literally smacking his opponent’s ass, and the brand new Intercontinental Champion ran for the hills.

Asuka tagged in and Carmella looked like she was trying to figure out how to get out of this match. She reluctantly got in the ring but Big E had a plan, going under the ring and revealing a giant letter “L”, as they’ve been cutting promos promising to give Asuka “her first L” in the tournament. The Empress accepts the gift and then rips it to pieces, foam flying everywhere as Carmella screams and runs away in fear.

Things slow down as Big E is forced to come back in and gets caught by a cheap move from The Miz. The big man gets some momentum going and uses his power and size to throw around the Intercontinental Champion, but Asuka cleverely provides enough distraction on the apron to keep Miz in complete control for several minutes driving elbows and knees home in the corner, over and over again. Miz hits the Daniel Bryan kicks and looks for the Skull Crushing Finale, but E sends him flying and makes the hot tag to his partner.

Carmella realized what just happened and slowly gets in the ring, accepting her face as Asuka stares a hole into hour soul. The Miz tries to pump up his partner but it was more of a distraction then anything and Carmella came out of nowhere with a spinning back fist that dumped the Empress on her behind. The great offensive strike didn’t exactly last long though, as Asuka caught her in an armbar out of nowhere and got the submission victory.

Winners: Asuka & The Miz

– After the match Asuka cuts a promo in Japanese and Miz “translates” for her, claiming that she’s never learned more in her career than in the short time spent with the greatest Intercontinental Champion in WWE history. I’m sure that’s what he said… He declared they would go on to win the Mixed Match Challenge because they are… AWESUKA!

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  1. Gotta be honest… I was excited, but this whole format is boring as hell.
    Wish they did somewhat of a Roadblock-like event; like a lesser, filler PPV and held in a KOTR esque tournament format.

    Yes this is adding an unnecessary amount of extra workload on the talent.
    No I don’t care because I’m selfish.

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