WWE Mixed Match Challenge Results (2/6): Fans Vote on Guest Referee, Team Rose Gold vs The Usos


WWE Mixed Match Challenge Results
February 6, 2018

– It’s announced that Smackdown General Manager Daniel Bryan will be the special guest referee for tonight’s match, as voted on by the WWE Universe over the course of today.

– Beth Phoenix’s microphone is turned down so low you can barely hear her compared to Michael Cole and Corey Graves.

Special Referee: Daniel Bryan

This started WEIRD and just kept getting weirder the longer it went on. Goldust started off against Jimmy Uso and immediately started to get gassed out. Mandy yelled at their opponents saying he was an older man and they needed to give him some time to get warmed up. Hilarious. Goldy took a “time out” and started yelling at Jimmy for being younger and faster, and needing to show respect for his elders and the veteran of the business.

Jimmy went to his corner and gave his wife a huge. Apparently that made Goldust jealous because he went and got a hug from his partner as well. Uso upped the ante by actually kissing his wife on the apron. The crowd chanted “KISS HER! KISS HER!” as Goldy looked very confused and unsure of himself. He asked Jimmy to check his breath and did some of his bizarre spots before going in for the kiss, but almost got rolled up from behind for two-and-a-half.

Things finally broke down as Naomi made the tag and both women went after other. The former women’s champion had the clear in-ring advantage but Mandy managed to get a few surprising moments of offense in there. She slapped Jimmy across the face and told him to stay out of it, but turned around into a Rear View from the wife. A four-way brawl broke out with the Smackdown team connecting with stereo enzuigiris.

Goldust hit the Final Cut, but Naomi came out of nowhere to make the save JUST before the three-count. They all brawled to the floor again and Naomi cleared the ropes looking to fly, but Goldy ducked and let his partner take the brunt of the attack. Jimmy with the superkick and Naomi with the Rear View to Goldust, followed by stereo top rope splashes for the victory.

Winners: Jimmy Uso & Naomi

– Rusev and Lana came out and the crowd immediately started chanting “RUSEV DAY!” at them. The Bulgarian Brute cut a promo calling them the best husband and wife duo in the WWE today, much better than Naomi and Jimmy. He tried to sign a song about Lana being the best, and got the crowd to clap along with them. Lana took the mic and said next week they would CRUSH the team of Elias and Bayley, before celebrating the greatest holiday in the world… RAVISHING RUSEV DAY!

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