WWE Money In The Bank: Lana Vs. Naomi (SmackDown Women’s Title Match)

WWE Smackdown Women’s Championship match: Lana vs Naomi (c)

The match started with Naomi aggressively attacking Lana. Eventually, Lana was able to gain the advantage by grabbing Naomi’s leg and slamming it against the rope. Lana got the heat on Naomi with some forgettable offense and submissions. Naomi was able to come back with several kicks with her good leg and the rearview. Lana was able to counter and use her sitout finisher she used this past week. Naomi was able to kick out at two. Then, Carmella came out teasing a cash in. Lana just watched Carmella walk down the ring as Naomi still sold Lana finisher. Carmella decided not to cash in and Lana went back to Naomi covering her. Naomi countered into the same submission that got her the championship at WrestleMania. Lana eventually tapped. Naomi celebrated as Carmella walked to the back proud that she cost Lana the title match.

Winner: Naomi. Weak match, that was clearly designed to hide Lana’s greenness in the ring.