WWE Money In The Bank: The New Day Vs. The Usos (SmackDown Tag Team Title Match)

– WWE Tag Team Championship match: The New Day vs. The Usos (c)

The match starts with Kofi and one of the Uso brothers. Kofi gets the better of the exchange and sends him out the ring. As Xavier Woods plays his trombone, Big E gives the Uso a big splash on the apron and puts him back in the ring. Kofi goes for a cover, but the Uso kicks out. Eventually, The Usos get the advantage by double teaming Kofi with suplex into the turnbuckle. The Usos get the heat on Kofi and work over his back. Kofi is able to get the hot tag to Big E, who cleaned house on both Usos. Late in the match, both teams let loose with plenty of nearfalls in the New day connecting with the Midnight Hour. Jimmy pulled Jey out of the ring and simply walk to the timekeeper area as the referee counted (Kofi and Big E just watched). They grabbed their titles and the referee counted to 10.

Winner: Big E & Kofi Kingston by countout. First, I do apologize for the very quick summary as an quick emergency came up. This was a great match until the stupid finish. The match was filled with fun nearfalls and big moves as these two teams worked hard. Big E and Kofi looked stupid for just letting the Usos walk away as their was nothing stopping them from leaving the ring, grabbing them and putting them back inside. Anyways, bad ending aside, I look forward to future matches between these two.