WWE Money In The Bank Results (06/18) – First-Ever Women’s Ladder Match!

Will Randy Orton recapture the WWE title in his hometown? Will Sami Zayn, Kevin Owens, Dolph Ziggler, AJ Styles, Shinsuke Nakamura, or Baron Corbin win the money in the bank ladder match? And who will win the first ever women’s money in the bank ladder match? Find out live tonight at 8PM EST and continue refreshing the page for the latest updates.

Introduction video of various feuds and match play.

Women’s Money In the Bank Ladder match: Becky Lynch vs. Tamina vs. Natalya vs. Charlotte vs. Carmella w/James Ellsworth

Each woman except Tamina went for a ladder. Tamina fended off every woman and was left alone in the ring. Charlotte stormed in the ring and cleaned house with Tamina. Natalya gave Becky a discus clothesline. Charlotte gave Natalya a big boot then Carmella. Tamina superkicked Charlotte and cleaned house with several more women. Lynch was against the turnbuckle and Tamina put a ladder in front of her. Charlotte quickly stopped Tamina from attacking Becky.

Evenutally, Natalya climbed the ladder after cleaning house in the ring. Becky was able to stop her. The two fought while holding a ladder and hit several women with said ladder. Becky got the better of the exchange, but Natalya was able to counter and hit a body slam onto the ladder.  Later on, Carmella and Charlotte had a back and forth traded slaps and punches while on top of the ladder. Carmella got a grab on the brief, but Charlotte stopped her. Charlotte got a grab at the briefcase, but Carmella was able to stop her. Eventually, Tamina pushed the ladder knocking the two women off. More chaos between the women ensues, but nothing overly dangerous or noteworthy.

Charlotte was able to climb up the ladder, but Tamina climbed as well and the two fought. Tamina connected with a headbutt and both women fell off. Charlotte was able to recover and spear Tamina outside of the ring. Charlotte got outside and speared Tamina into the steel steps. Charlotte goes inside the ring, but Natalya grabs her foot. Charlotte fends her off and then climbs the turnbuckle. She connects with a Twisted Bliss/Spinal Tap onto Tamina and Natalya outside the ring. Inside the ring, Carmella is climbing the ladder, but is stopped by Becky with a powerbomb. The crowd roars for Becky and she climbs the ladder being the only one in the ring. Ellsworth comes in and tips the ladder over, sending Becky crashing to the outside. After trying to get an out Carmella to climb the ladder, Ellsworth does it himself. Ellsworth surprisingly  grabs the briefcase with ease and drops it down to Carmella. The bell rings, but there is some confusion about Ellsworth grabbing the briefcase. Nothing happens however and Carmella at the moment is the money in the bank winner.

Winner: Carmella. Good, but a disappointing match. The women worked hard, but their non match segment match a few weeks ago was far better. Not a terrible match any means however. Personally, I hated the ending. It was very anticlimactic and came out of nowhere (and not in a good way). I have no problem with Carmella winning, but the ending with Ellsworth was clunky, confusing, and left a bad taste in my mouth.

Lana is interviewed and basically says that she’s winning the title tonight.

WWE Tag Team Championship match: The New Day vs. The Usos (c)

The match starts with Kofi and one of the Uso brothers. Kofi gets the better of the exchange and sends him out the ring. As Xavier Woods plays his trombone, Big E gives the Uso a big splash on the apron and puts him back in the ring. Kofi goes for a cover, but the Uso kicks out. Eventually, The Usos get the advantage by double teaming Kofi with suplex into the turnbuckle.  The Usos get the heat on Kofi and work over his back. Kofi is able to get the hot tag to Big E, who cleaned house on both Usos.  Late in the match, both teams let loose with plenty of nearfalls in the New day connecting with the Midnight Hour. Jimmy pulled Jey out of the ring and simply walk to the timekeeper area as the referee counted (Kofi and Big E just watched). They grabbed their titles and the referee counted to 10.

Winner: Big E & Kofi Kingston by countout. First, I do apologize for the very quick summary as an quick emergency came up. This was a great match until the stupid finish. The match was filled with fun nearfalls and big moves as these two teams worked hard. Big E and Kofi looked stupid for just letting the Usos walk away as their was nothing stopping them from leaving the ring, grabbing them and putting them back inside. Anyways, bad ending aside, I look forward to future matches between these two.

WWE Smackdown Women’s Championship match: Lana vs Naomi (c)

The match started with Naomi aggressively attacking Lana. Eventually, Lana was able to gain the advantage by grabbing Naomi’s leg and slamming it against the rope.  Lana got the heat on Naomi with some forgettable offense and submissions. Naomi was able to come back with several kicks with her good leg and the rearview. Lana was able to counter and use her sitout finisher she used this past week. Naomi was able to kick out at two. Then, Carmella came out teasing a cash in. Lana just watched Carmella walk down the ring as Naomi still sold Lana finisher. Carmella decided not to cash in and Lana went back to Naomi covering her. Naomi countered into the same submission that got her the championship at WrestleMania. Lana eventually tapped. Naomi celebrated as Carmella walked to the back proud that she cost Lana the title match.

Winner: Naomi. Weak match, that was clearly designed to hide Lana’s greenness in the ring. Lana looked stupid for heavily focusing her attention on Carmella and not Naomi. Yes, the threat of cashing in was looming, but Lana just stood their and watched her to the point that Naomi could have taken advantage of her. Clearly Lana is still green and this match definitely confirmed it.

Another Fashion Police files this time copying the style of Miami Vice. Basically, an unknown tag team identified themselves as the ones who attacked them this past Thursday. Then challenged them to a match later on.

As the announcer’s talked, mysterious entrance music played. Mike Bennett and Maria Kanellis came out to decent fan fair. She had a brief promo talking about finding her first love (Bennett) and how she’s going to teach everyone what true love is on Smackdown.

I’m a bit nervous about this gimmick as it screams mid carder for life. If you don’t know who Mike Bennett is, he was apart of a faction called The Kingdom in Ring of Honor before his departure to TNA (in which he only stayed a year).  A strong get to the Smackdown roster. Maria has become an excellent talker who can generate great heat and Bennett is a great wrestler himself. I’m looking forward to seeing what happens in the coming weeks.

Video package for the Mahal/Orton feud.

WWE Championship match: Randy Orton vs. Jinder Mahal (c)

The match began with Orton on the attack and teasing an RKO on Mahal. He gets out of it, but Orton goes back on the attack sending Mahal back out to the ring. Orton goes outside the ring and clotheslines him. He bangs Mahal’s head against the announcer’s table and then put him back in the ring. Orton teases his apron ddt, but Mahal counters with a back drop sending Orton out the ring. Orton sells his leg as hurt. Mahal takes advantage and attacks Orton’s leg throughout the outside. He gets Orton back inside the ring and continues his attack. Orton gets back outside the ring and Jinder follows. Orton is able to connect with a back drop in front of his father Bob Orton and several other legends. Orton grabs Jinder and goes to the announcer’s table.

He goes to slam his head against the table, but Mahal counters slamming Orton’s legs onto the table. Mahal continues to get the best of Orton outside the ring and then sends him back inside the ring. Mahal gets back in the ring and Orton goes for an RKO, but Mahal counters with a boot to the face. Mahal applies a leg submission. Orton is able to get out of the submission with a fallaway slam, but Mahal is able to hit the damaged leg again and apply the figure four onto Orton. Orton teases tapping, but is able to get out of the submission. Jinder is able to regain the advantage and put Orton on top of the turnbuckle for a superplex tease. Orton is able to get out of it punches, gets down and puts Jinder on top of the rope. He nails the superplex on Mahal. he goes for the cover, but kicks out at two.

Orton and Mahal exchange punches, but Orton gets the better of it. He hits his signature clothesline, clothesline, powerslam combo then his draping ddt. Orton taunts for an RKO. Jinder gets up and Orton nails an RKO. He covers Mahal, but the Singh brothers put Mahal’s foot on the bottom rope. The referee sees this and teases a disqualification. Orton begs him not to do it. The referee instead sends the brothers to the back. The brothers gets into an argument with Orton’s father at ringside and then grabs him forcefully. Orton goes crazy and destroys the brothers at ringside. He connects with another dangerous back suplex onto the announce table. Orton takes apart the table and grabs the other Sing brother and lays him on the table. Orton RKO’s the other brother onto the floor. Orton gets on an announcer’s table. He waits for the Sing brother to get up on the table, jumps over to the other table taking him down with an RKO through the table in a cool spot. Orton goes back in the ring, Mahal attacks the damaged leg and hits his cobra clutch slam finisher. Mahal gets the three count.

Winner: Jinder Mahal. A good match and the second best match on the show thus far. Orton and Mahal work well together and a good story was told here. It was obvious something was going to happen involving Orton’s father, so the match dragged a bit waiting for that to happen, but it didn’t affect the match. I’m pretty sure everyone knew Mahal was retaining.

Tyler Breeze & Fandango vs. The Ascension

So the Ascension are attackers which is disappointing for several reasons as I thought a new tag team would debut on the roster. The Ascension go on to attack Breeze and get the brief heat on him. The heat didn’t last long and Tyler is able to get the hot tag and run wild in the ring on the Ascension. He’s able to get a pin with a small package after countering.

Winner: Tyler breeze & Fandango. A nothing, filler match. The match was too quick to judge. It seems Breeze and Fandango’s act is cooling off as they didn’t get much of a reaction coming out.

Video package for the money in the bank ladder match.

Money in the Bank Ladder match: Kevin Owens vs. AJ Styles vs. Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Baron Corbin vs. Sami Zayn vs. Dolph Ziggler

Corbin attacked Nakamura from behind during his entrance. He wailed him with ladder and camera shots. After Corbin finished with Nakamura he demanded the bell to be rung. The bell was rung after discussions from the referee. Chaos ensued as everyone went after each other. Mostly fighting amongst the competitors as Nakamura is sent to the back with the helping of doctors.  Zayn flies over the rope hitting Owens. Ziggler and Corbin worked together against, knocking Styles down with a ladder. Ziggler padded Corbin in the back as a good job, but Corbin punches him for his troubles. Corbin puts a ladder in the ring. Ziggler connects with a superkick to Corbin laying him out.

Ziggler gets on the apron, but Zayn quickly knocks him down. Zayn goes for a ladder, but Styles hits Zayn from behinf and takes him out. Styles grabs the ladder, but on the outside, Ziggler does the same. Ziggler tries to hit Styles with the ladder, but he moves out of the way. The ladder sets like a stairway on the apron. Styles springboards on the rope, but Ziggler swiftly runs up the ladder and hits Styles. Ziggler sees Corbin out the ring and runs across the apron to him, but Corbin catches him with the deep six onto the floor.

Zayn is able to connect with a springboard moonsault to Corbin outside the ring. Owens and Styles fight inside the ring. Owens hits Styles with the ladder then an incoming Zayn. Styles is able to regain control and attempts a possible Styles clash, but Owens is able to counter sending Styles out of the ring. Owens climbs the turnbuckle to possibly do a dive to Styles outside the ring, but Zayn military presses Owens onto an open ladder in the ring.

Zayn opens a ladder and climbs, but Ziggler quickly runs in and stops him Ziggler and Zayn fight for a bit. Ziggler attempts a superkick, but Zayn counters into a blue thunder bomb. Styles is able to come back in the ring and take out Zayn. Styles climbs the ladder, Corbin comes in and climbs. Ziggler rushes in and climbs above Corbin. Ziggler and Styles exchange punches with Styles being knocked off. Corbin pulls Ziggler down and attempts to climb, but Ziggler hits a Zig Zag off the ladder. Ziggler climbs the ladder and then Zayn with AJ in the middle. Ziggler and Zayn knock AJ off the ladder. Zayn stops Ziggler  from getting the briefcase and does a sunset flip powerbomb off the ladder. Owens gets a grab of Zayn, but is he’s able to fend him off with a Half nelson onto the apron.

Corbin drags Styles out the ring and beats him up outside the ring. He sets up the ladder as a bridge between the announcer’s table and steel steps.  Styles quickly forearms Corbin and then hops onto the apron. He runs to Corbin for a flying forearm, but Corbin catches him and plants him with a chokeslam onto the ladder bridge. Corbin gets back in the ring, but is met with a helluva kick by Zayn. Zayn climbs the ladder, but out of nowhere Styles hits a flying forearm as Zayn climbs the ladder.

Owens comes in and beats up Styles a bit. He goes to the apron and teases a powerbomb through the ladder bridge set up earlier. Styles counter and nails a sick death valley driver on Owens onto the ladder bridge.  Styles get back into the ring, sets up a ladder, and climbs it. Ziggler moves the ladder out of the way with AJ simply hanging onto the briefcase. Styles eventually flops and falls to the ground. Corbin sends Ziggler out of the ring. Corbin begins to climb a ladder, but Nakamura’s entrance music plays and he comes down selling his injury. Corbin grabs a ladder, but Nakamura is able to take him down with furious shots and kicks. Ziggler tries to attack Nakamura, but he’s taken out as well.

Zayn comes in and fights with Nakamura, but meets the same fate with a Kinshasa in the end. Nakamura grabs a ladder, but Owens tries to stop him from outside. Nakamura runs outside a blasts Owens with a Kinshasa. Nakamura comes in the ring and sets up the ladder. He climbs, but AJ does the same. They stare at each other and the crowd goes crazy. They step down from the ladder and face off of one another. Nakamura is able to gain the advantage and teases for a Kinshasa. He goes for the Kinshasa, but Styles counters with a forearm. Both men are down. Styles climbs the ladder then eventually Nakamura. They fight at the top of ladder, but Corbin is pushes the ladder sending both men outside. Corbin climbs the ladder and grabs the briefcase.

Winner: Baron Corbin. An excellent match, which shouldn’t be a surprise given the participants involved. I would’ve liked to seen Nakamura more involved, but at the same time this is the best Nakamura has looked since arriving on the main roster. His fire was strong and I liked how he cut out his usual antics for rage. I would’ve liked Nakamura to win, but I’m not against Corbin winning either. This isn’t the craziest ladder match you’ll ever see, but it was still a damn good one.

Overall, the only matches worth checking out are the Tag Team title match and The men’s ladder match. The Women’s money in the ladder match was decent, but the “controversial ending” killed the match. Mahal/Orton was good, but nothing memorable.  Lana was exposed as not being ring ready. Everything else was forgettable. Thank you for watching along with me and have a good night.

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  • Anonymous

    Mahal….Monday a jobber, Saturday champion. Truly poor writing.

  • coconutman

    I agree poor script and show

  • Robert Rabideau Jr

    Well as it stands right now, it sure likes like the “Free Agent” John Cena will go after his record breaking 17th. WWE Championship against Jinder Mahal at SummerSlam They so dropped the ball with Randy Orton and losing in front of his home crowd. Mahal will nothing be more than a jobber who relies on the Swan Brothers for his victories. With Cena gone, and not pushing AJ Styles, Smackdown’s writing has gone way down the tubes.

  • Anonymous

    Can’t stand Corbin. He hasn’t shown me a damn thing in the ring and any of the other participents were much more deserving.