WWE Money In The Bank: Women’s Ladder Match

Women’s Money In the Bank Ladder match: Becky Lynch vs. Tamina vs. Natalya vs. Charlotte vs. Carmella w/James Ellsworth

Each woman except Tamina went for a ladder. Tamina fended off every woman and was left alone in the ring. Charlotte stormed in the ring and cleaned house with Tamina. Natalya gave Becky a discus clothesline. Charlotte gave Natalya a big boot then Carmella. Tamina superkicked Charlotte and cleaned house with several more women. Lynch was against the turnbuckle and Tamina put a ladder in front of her. Charlotte quickly stopped Tamina from attacking Becky.

Evenutally, Natalya climbed the ladder after cleaning house in the ring. Becky was able to stop her. The two fought while holding a ladder and hit several women with said ladder. Becky got the better of the exchange, but Natalya was able to counter and hit a body slam onto the ladder. Later on, Carmella and Charlotte had a back and forth traded slaps and punches while on top of the ladder. Carmella got a grab on the brief, but Charlotte stopped her. Charlotte got a grab at the briefcase, but Carmella was able to stop her. Eventually, Tamina pushed the ladder knocking the two women off. More chaos between the women ensues, but nothing overly dangerous or noteworthy.

Charlotte was able to climb up the ladder, but Tamina climbed as well and the two fought. Tamina connected with a headbutt and both women fell off. Charlotte was able to recover and spear Tamina outside of the ring. Charlotte got outside and speared Tamina into the steel steps. Charlotte goes inside the ring, but Natalya grabs her foot. Charlotte fends her off and then climbs the turnbuckle. She connects with a Twisted Bliss/Spinal Tap onto Tamina and Natalya outside the ring. Inside the ring, Carmella is climbing the ladder, but is stopped by Becky with a powerbomb. The crowd roars for Becky and she climbs the ladder being the only one in the ring. Ellsworth comes in and tips the ladder over, sending Becky crashing to the outside. After trying to get an out Carmella to climb the ladder, Ellsworth does it himself. Ellsworth surprisingly grabs the briefcase with ease and drops it down to Carmella. The bell rings, but there is some confusion about Ellsworth grabbing the briefcase. Nothing happens however and Carmella at the moment is the money in the bank winner.

Winner: Carmella. A disappointing match. The women worked hard, but the their non match segment match a few weeks ago was far better. Not a terrible match any means however. Personally, I hated the ending. It was very anticlimactic and came out of nowhere (and not in a good way). I have no problem with Carmella winning, but the ending with Ellsworth was clunky, confusing, and left a bad taste in mouth.