WWE Network Coming Soon?, Update on Sheamus & Mark Henry, Andre

– There will be a book done in comic form about the life of Andre the Giant released in early 2014 by First Second Books. The title will be “Andre the Giant: Life and Legend.”

– WWE officials are still looking for Sheamus to return in early 2014. There is still no definitive time frame for when Mark Henry will return.

– The rumored February 24th start date for the WWE Network may or may not be accurate but there is definitely a plan for a launch that will be announced soon, so the current idea would be to launch around that time. A new TV commercial to promote the launch of the Network was recently filmed.

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Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • Mike Arienti

    The rumored start date for WWE Network has changed about 19 times in the 4 years since the rumor of its launch got started. It’ll happen when Vince has a deal in place to broadcast it.