WWE Network Interview With Kurt Angle to Air After Monday’s Raw


It looks like WWE will follow up on the Kurt Angle storyline immediately following next week’s show, as we have just learned that they will air an interview with the Raw general manager on the WWE Network as soon as Monday’s Raw goes off the air.

As of this writing, it looks like the Kurt Angle mystery will either lead to Dixie Carter’s WWE debut, or Stephanie McMahon’s return.

Next week’s Raw show will take place in Nashville, Tennessee, which is the hometown of Dixie Carter. She also teased an appearance on the show during a recent interview with Sports Illustrated. So, who knows, maybe we’ll see Dixie Carter appear on Monday’s Raw.

Earlier this summer we heard that Triple H vs. Kurt Angle will likely be booked for SummerSlam, which is why some are predicting that Stephanie McMahon will make her return to television on Monday.


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