WWE Network Makes A Big Splash For Online Streaming

WWE has made a big impact in the online streaming business in the first two months of the WWE Network.

WWE material is now second for all live, streaming Internet content, accounting for 17.7% of all such content, only behind popular videogame live streaming service Twitch.tv. Streaming of live material on the WWE Network beat out ESPN, Major League Baseball, Ustream and others who handle live streaming.

The live streaming of the WrestleMania 30 event brought the company online streaming volume that topped Amazon Prime and Hulu Plus that day. WWE ended up third for the day, only behind Netflix and Youtube. WWE’s streaming increased over the six hours of live programming (four hour PPV show preceded by the two hour pre-game show) without the other top streaming providers seeing a drop in usage. This was proof that WWE fans were logging in specifically to stream WWE content.

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