WWE NXT Helping Food Bank, Vote for HBK’s Show, Cameron, Goldberg

– Cameron tweeted about her and Naomi losing on last night’s WWE SmackDown:

“We all have to take defeats in life, but it’s how you get back up and try again. Also doesn’t hurt when you look good doing so #SmackDown”

– Shawn Michaels is asking fans to vote for his MacMillan River Adventures show in the 2013 Outdoor Channel Golden Moose Awards.

– Fans can bring non-perishable items to all WWE NXT live events in the month of November to receive $2 off general admission tickets. The items will go to the Second Harvest Food Bank in Orlando.

– Bill Goldberg will be appearing as the honorary team captain on November 23rd as the University of Georgia takes on Kentucky.

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  • Ozzy TYSON

    So WWE is wanting GOLDBERG to come back to face Ryback at WrestleMania. And THE UNDERTAKER to put The Streak on the line against Lesnar. I have not talked to ONE SINGLE FAN who has said they would pay $60 for that PPV. And why should they? We’ve all seen both those matchups ten years ago, pretty much (Come on, how diffetent would GOLDBERG vs Ryback really be from GOLDBERG vs Lesnar? And I’m the only person I know who even found THAT match tolerable) GOLDBERG HIMSELF said in an interview with a Miami Herald reporter a few months back that he isn’t interested in wrestling Ryback, and if he did come back the only two guys he had a desire to compete against, in fact, were Stone Cold… and THE UNDERTAKER. If he’s gonna come back for one big match, what bigger match than versus THE PHENOM’s Streak at WrestleMania? And why waste (no offense) THE DEADMAN’s annual appearance on a match we’ve already seen? Especially when the dream match so many have wanted to see for so long is the one we didn’t get to see in GOLDBERG’s one year in WWE? Let Ryback face Sheamus or Big Show – either would be a great match. Let Lesnar take on The Viper Randy Orton – THAT would be a TERRIFIC match. But GOLDBERG vs THE UNDERTAKER? THAT would be LEGENDARY! If you agree, we need to START MAKING OUR VOICES HEARD. GOLDBERG VS UNDERTAKER AT WM XXX!!!