WWE NXT Results (6/10): Adam Cole Battles Dexter Lumis, El Hijo Del Fantasma Reveals Himself, Kross Has A New Target


June 10th, 2020


We kick things off this week with Adam Cole, Roderick Strong, and Bobby Fish as the NXT Champion claims nobody ever expected Velveteen Dream to beat him. He says that the Dream is good and he proved that, but nobody is Adam Cole…bay bay.

He points out that Velveteen Dream is no longer able to challenge him so he asks what’s next, and he says it doesn’t matter as he has run rough shot over NXT. He claims nobody in NXT or in WWE will be able to beat him for the title.

He then moves on to Dexter Lumis, claiming he’s a freak who always gets in their business and he says what he did at Takeover was disgusting. However, Bobby Fish says that Lumis is scared of them because he wasn’t there when they got out and Roddy then says that he’s right there.

Roderick Strong keeps seeing him but when Cole and Fish look, he’s nowhere to be seen. Cole says that if you mess with one of the group, you mess with them all and tonight, even though he’s not 100% they’re going to fight. Cole claims he is going to send Lumis back to the drawing board where he belongs.


Backstage the Undisputed Era are talking as Keith Lee makes his way in and says he has been wondering what is next for him, and he says he thinks he knows what…staring down the NXT Champion.


All four start out in the ring, staring each other down and eventually it breaks down with the men brawling in one corner and the women in the other. Keith Lee and Mia Yim end up getting the best of the situation, though, with big lariats and eventually the bell rings and the women kick things off.

Mia Yim tosses Candice across the ring and then just slaps, but Johnny Gargano then pulls her out of the ring. Keith then grabs both of them as Yim goes for a suicide dive, but they move and Lee catches her, instead, they get back in control and drop them face-first onto the ring apron.

However, after a commercial the match returns with LeRae unloading chops and punches on Mia Yim, isolating her away from Keith. She then charges into the corner as Yim avoids it and she almost hits Gargano, providing the break Yim needs as she connects with soul food and makes the hot tag.

The North American Champion comes in hot, mowing down Gargano before hitting his huge double chop in the corner. Lee then picks up Gargano as LeRae tags in and they both end up on his back as Candice rakes away at his eye.

The Gargano’s hit a great double team on Lee, but LeRae then spends too long bragging about it as Yim returns with a big dropkick and then a huge dragon suplex with a bridge which is broken up by Gargano. However, she’s not happy to accept it and she starts throwing hands to Gargano, fighting away at him as he eats a big superkick and then a German suplex!

However, Candice LeRaw then comes back in with soul food of her own, followed up by a springboard moonsault but Yim is able to kick out. Candice tags out and Yim continues the attack, but as the men hit the ring again and Lee shoves Johnny across the ring he hits Yim who falls to the floor.

With Lee looking at his partner, Gargano catches him with a big superkick as he then hits the one final beat to Lee who drops onto Candice LeRae upon impact. Lee realises he’s accidentally hurt Candice and he picks her up trying to take her of the ring, but while that happens, Gargano gets a roll-up victory, choosing to steal a win rather than looking out for his wife.

Winner: Johnny Gargano & Candice LeRae

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