WWE NXT Results (7/8): The Great American Bash Night Two Results


Welcome to our live coverage of WWE NXT! Tonight is week two of The Great American Bash! Coverage begins at 8/7C and you can refresh throughout the night for continued coverage.

July 8th, 2020


Mia Yim wastes absolutely no time in starting this one, jumping Candice LeRae during her entrance, launching her into the steel stairs. After Yim sends Candice into the ring, she wastes no time pulling out tons of different weapons and she then misses wildly with a kendo stick, but Candice does not.

However, after LeRae connects with a few shots, Mia Yim gets hold of the stick and then stars unloading with a flurry of her own strikes. Yim then goes to get a table, but this gives LeRae some breathing space and she hits a kick of her own as Yim tries to get back into the ring.

Back in the ring and Candice teases putting Yim through the table (Which is propped in the corner,) but Yim avoids it and dumps Candice out of the ring. Yet again, LeRae showcases her intelligence though and she gets the best of the situation on the outside, sending Yim into the ring post repeatedly working on the shoulder.

But Candice goes to the well too many times and Yim reverses it and does the same as they then spill out into the searing area as Candice gets launched into some of the ‘fans.’ They then begin brawling nearly a food table as they use the variety of things on top of it to brawl.

They then climb to a slightly elevated ledge, but LeRae then busts out a fire extinguisher, which causes Yim to struggle with her breathing. However, Yim is able to keep fighting and she ends up dropkicking Candice off the stage as she crashes through a table on her landing.

As the match returns the women have made their way back into the ring and Yim crashes into a chair, and LeRae follows it up by crushing the ribs of Mia Yim with the chair, pushing down on her with the weapon. Candice then sets up the table on the top turnbuckle, but Mia gets back in control of the match with a vertical suplex.

The ladies then go back and forth, sharing huge kicks which leads to them both being taken down. Yim is first up and she places a garbage can over the head of Candice, hitting a big boot to the face and then a cannonball all with Candice trapped inside the garbage can.

Mia then busts out some brass knuckles, but LeRae blocks it with a chair and she then attacks her several times with the weapon as she then buries Yim under a pile of chairs. Candice then scales to the top turnbuckle, butYim catches her up there with a big right hand.

The two women then end up on the table, perched on the top turnbuckle as LeRae gets hold of the brass knuckles, clocking Yim and then hitting a diving swinging neck breaker on top of the chairs as Candice gets the victory.

Winner: Candice LeRae


Tony Nese starts out talking trash about Bronson Reed’s body, but that doesn’t work well for him as Reed quickly outpowers Tony and slams him to the mat. The Australian then takes control of the arm, with Nese having to pull at the hair in order to change things.

Nese then uses his speed to avoid Reed several times, but eventually, he just runs into Reed who pushes him to the mat. Reed then hits a military press and follows with a senton, forcing Nese to retreat to the outside. Nese smartly uses the apron to cover Bronson’s head, hitting a sharp kick while the bigger man is blind to it.

Tony keeps up his attack inside the ring with a series of sharp kicks and strikes, but his attempt to throw Reed over the top rope fails miserably. Bronson Reed then drops Nese with a bionic elbow and a splash into the corner. Nese then hits a big boot and follows it with a shot to the throat, snapping Reed off the top rope straight after.

Reed returns the fight with a massive clothesline that turns Nese inside out and Reed then scales to the top rope and hits a diving splash to earn the victory.

Winner: Bronson Reed

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