WWE NXT Results (7/15): Io Shirai Defends Her Women’s Title, Dijakovic Returns, More!


Welcome to our live coverage of WWE NXT! Tonight will see Io Shirai defend her NXT Women’s Championship against Tegan Nox! Coverage begins at 8/7C and you can refresh throughout the night for continued coverage.

July 15th, 2020


Keith Lee makes his way to the ring and asks the ring announcer to say it one more time! He says he is at a crossroads, as he understands the past few months have been difficult, there’s been sadness and suffering. He understands that more than anyone, but Keith says there is something so incredibly special when people are in this ring and he feels it when he stands with the championships.

Keith says he has celebrated but it’s now back to reality, and that is that a locker room full of people who want the same opportunities that he has managed to earn. Keith says this wasn’t done on his own, opportunity and chances created this.

He acknowledges his trainer, who believed in him when nobody else did, and he thanks the fans for welcoming him and telling the world to bask in his glory. He also says there is one other person who has played a pivotal point in things and he thinks they’re at a point where they don’t know what to do next with their careers.

He wants to talk with his number one #frenemie… Dominik Dijakovic! He’s back! Dijakovic says nobody on the planet is more proud of him and he says this is Lee’s moment. Keith disagrees, he says it’s about both of them, and the champ-champ says their competition is what took him to the opportunities.

Keith says nobody has tested him better, and he wants to thrive on competition. He says he spoke with Mr. Regal, and he thinks that the first challenger for both championships should be Dijakovic. He asks when the match should happen, and the Limitless One suggests tonight. Of course, he doesn’t turn that down, so we have a major double title match…tonight!


Damian Priest wastes absolutely no time with this one, taking the fight to his rival straight away with knee attacks which he follows up by crashing into Grimes with a spinning back kick into the corner. Cameron Grimes escapes to the outside, but as he tries to follow him into the ring, Grimes eats a big boot.

Cameron doesn’t waste time getting back into the match though, responding with a big forearm and then a dropkick which sends Priest out of the ring. As Damian returns, Grimes plants him to the mat, showcasing plenty of fight himself.

Priest fires back as the match returns from commercial with a series of huge punches, but Grimes responds by clotheslining Priest out of the ring. On the outside, the two men continue to go back and forth, but Priest ends up connecting with a razor’s edge that sends Grimes crashing down onto the ring apron.

Back in the ring and Priest nails a Flatliner, but Grimes continues to kick out. Priest then nearly gets caught with an inside cradle and Grimes then hits a great crossbody which mangles both of them together. Grimes misses wildly with a double knee which hangs him up on the rope and Priest nails him with a cyclone kick. But with Grimes hanging on the second rope, Priest connects with The Reckoning to secure the win.

Winner: Damian Priest

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