WWE NXT Results (7/29): Balor vs Lumis vs Thatcher, Keith Lee Calls Out Karrion Kross, More



The two men start the match with some mat-based grappling and chain wrestling and it’s Johnny Gargano who gets the upper hand with several submissions to dominate the early goings. The two men then end up takings things to the outside and Gargano continues to work on the arm of Strong, dropping him on the outside.

The match returns with both men back in the ring as Strong delivers a backbreaker and then drops Gargano with a huge forearm to the back. He then attempts a fireman’s carry but Gargano pulls himself to the ring apron and connects with a big kick.

However, Strong then hits a reversal of his own as Gargano tries to slingshot back into the ring, only to be caught and dropped with another backbreaker. The two men then brawl to the top rope with Gargano coming out on top with a huge twisting flatliner.

Gargano then continues to target the arm with a big boot of it, but Strong keeps fighting through only for Gargano to reverse again into the Gargano Escape. Strong gets out of it with a roll-up and he tries to lock a submission of his own until Gargano just kicks his way out.

The two men then go back and forth with strikes, chops, and kicks and two men end up on the outside as Strong is driven into the barricade and then the ring post. Gargano then hits the One Final Beat DDT to pick up an impressive win.

Winner: Johnny Gargano


Dakota Kai says she doesn’t care about Candice LeRae, and claims she is done jumping through hoops to become the number one contender. Kai names herself as the number one contender and she acts confident until Rhea Ripley appears.

She says that she has a problem with Dakota saying that, as Io is hers. Ripley says she doesn’t have a problem going through anyone to prove that and Kai claims she will be seeing what Mr. Regal has to say about that.

The Undisputed Era are then shown backstage as they bicker until Kyle O’Reilly comes in and screams at them all, telling them that they’ve run this place since they debuted. They said they are back to changing the business.


Shotzi Blackheart wastes no time in taking the right to Mercedes Martinez, throwing hands towards her opponent until she gets dumped outside of the ring. Robert Stone and Aliyah then talk trash to her which provides a distraction until Martine attacks her from behind.

Back in the ring Mercedes works some ground and pound and she looks for her finisher until Blackheart reverses with a roll-up. She then comes out with a step-up enziguri and then turns Martinez inside out after dropping from the top rope to hit a sunset bomb.

Blackheart then drops Martinez onto the second ropes and hits a reverse senton, but Mercedes is able to kick out. She tries to keep the momentum going until she’s dropped with a big spine buster.

The two women then end up on the top turnbuckle as Martinez reigns down with huge forearms and then hits a massive release German suplex from the top rope. Martinez then drops Blackheart down with authority to score a major win for the Robert Stone Brand.

Winner: Mercedes Martinez

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