WWE NXT Results (7/29): Balor vs Lumis vs Thatcher, Keith Lee Calls Out Karrion Kross, More



WWE shows a video package for Ridge Holland, who has appeared in NXT UK previously. He makes it clear that he is coming for the North American Championship, with the video stating he will debut next week.


The NXT Champion is out next and he says that we can talk all day about Dominik Dijakovic telling him no last week, and he is a grown man who will be just fine. However, he then moves on to Karrion Kross, stating that he’s made it clear he wants the NXT Championship, adding that he has done so much extra bullshit.

Lee said all the extra bullshit means nothing when he cannot stand to him face to face, so he is doing something that Kross doesn’t have the balls to do, which is be face to face and Keith Lee calls Kross out. However, instead of Kross, he gets Cameron Grimes.

Grimes says he should be talking about him and if anyone should be upset it is him, as Lee gave away the North American Championship before he could take both. Lee ignores him until Grimes demands to be heard and so the Limitless One throws him into the ring and then hits a big splash in the corner.

However, the lights then go dark and Scarlett appears, distracting Lee until Grimes tries to attack him, only for Lee to drop with a major powerbomb.

Kross then appears on the screen, asking Keith Lee what kind of a man stands by and does nothing while a friend suffers. He provides Lee with two choices, the easy way of giving him his shot at the NXT Championship, or the hard way, which Keith Lee doesn’t even want to know what it is.

Keith Lee then says pick the time and place and he will whoop that ass.


Marcel Barthel kicks things off as Matt Martel is sent across the ring with Fabian Aichner tagging in to connect with a hip toss. Chase Parker manages to tag in and trip Aichner as Parker slingshots in and attacks the leg. However, the double teamwork of Imperium ends up seeing them take control as they then hit their tandem dropkicks in the corner.

Aichner then hits an effective spine buster as Barthel follows up with a sharp knee strike and then the European Bomb to get a decisive victory.

Winners: Imperium

After the match, Marcel Barthel looks to start a promo but he is quickly cut off as the Undisputed Era hit the ring and the four men take their frustrations out on the NXT Tag Team Champions.


WWE then shows an excellent video package about Bronson Reed and the history that he has with professional wrestling, providing a bit of a background about him and his character.


William Regal is then shown from home as he reminds Keith Lee and specifically Kariron Kross that he will not be bullied into making championship matches. He says those opportunities still have to be earned in XNT.


The two men lock up early as Isaiah Scott gets the best of the first exchange, but Jake Atlas then shows his athleticism afterwards as he avoids Scott with a headstand and then drops him with a dropkick. Atlas keeps the attack going then with several chops and sharp kicks.

However, Scott then catches the arm and follows it up with a big leaping kick to the face. Atlas battles back though with a springboard blockbuster which almost gets him the victory. Atlas then hits yet another big boot to the face as he then plats Swerve to the mat, but he keeps kicking out and fighting.

Scott then shows his abilities with a release German suplex as he then leaps up and drives Atlas down to the mat and this time it is Jake just kicking out to keep the match alive. The two men then head to the second turnbuckle as Atlas hits a huge move from the top, spinning Swerve in mid-air to slam him down to the mat.

Atlas then goes back to the top rope but Scott pulls him down and follows with a kick to the face. With Atlas hung up on the bottom rope, Swerve rocks him with the House Call and in the ring, he connects with the JML Driver to earn the win.

Winner: Isaiah Swerve Scott

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