WWE NXT Results (7/29): Balor vs Lumis vs Thatcher, Keith Lee Calls Out Karrion Kross, More



The match starts out with Timothy Thatcher and Finn Balor brawling in and out of the ring as Dexter Lumis just watches them. But when they get into the ring again, Lumis hits them both with uppercuts, sends them to the outside and then flies over the top rope.

They both avoid him but Lumis lands on his feet impressively. Back in the ring, Balor and Thatcher keep fighting as Lumis levels them both with a double clothesline. Lumis deposits Thatcher out of the ring, but Balor then showcases his skills as he attacks the ankle of the bigger man.

Thatcher then charges back into the ring with a European uppercut to each man as Lumis gets launched across the ring with a belly to belly suplex. Thatcher then locks in a wrist submission, but Balor helps bring an end to that as Thatcher gets hung up on the top rope by Lumis.

However, he is then taken out by a kick to the head and as Balor tries to scale the top rope, Thatcher knocks him down. Lumis then tries to connect with a dropkick but Thatcher swats it away and then puts his focus on Balor who goes for a roll-up, but Thatcher kicks out and then hits another big uppercut.

Thatcher starts to dominate, keeping Lumis on the outside and then locking in a submission onto Balor, but he breaks out by working on the fingers of Timothy. He and Balor then go back and forth with big shots and Lumis then makes his presence felt, dropping Thatcher with a running bulldog.

He tries to then take the fight to Balor but gets caught with a Pele kick and Balor then drops Thatcher and then connects with a slingblade to Lumis. Balor tries to set up his traditional dropkick into the corner but Thatcher pulls him down and into the ring post, wrapping the leg around it.

Lumis hits a spine buster to Thatcher but he then responds with a leaping kick as Balor has his leg wrapped around the second rope. Lumis drops Thatcher and locks in The Silence, but while that is happening, Balor breaks it up with the Coup De Grace to Lumis.

However, Thatcher breaks it up and locks in an ankle lock but Lumis then comes from behind and locks in The Silence on Thatcher, putting him to sleep before Balor taps out to win the match.

Winner: Dexter Lumis

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