WWE NXT Results (9/16): Two Title Matches Take Place, Io Shirai vs. Shotzi Blackheart, More!


Welcome to our live coverage of WWE NXT, airing live on the USA Network. Announced for the show are two title matches as Imperium challenge Breezango for the NXT Tag Team Titles and Damian Priest competes against Timothy Thatcher for the North American Title! 

Live coverage begins at 8PM ET, provided by PW staff writer Matthew Wilkinson (@MC_Wilkinson1). Follow @prowrestlingcom on FacebookInstagram and Twitter. 

WWE NXT Results 
September 16, 2020
Orlando, FL


Shotzi Blackheart starts out confidently, taking the fight to the champion, getting in her head and hanging with the champion hold for hold. Blackheart manages to connect with a jackknife cover, but Io kicks out and locks in a submission.

Shotzi doesn’t take long to get out of that as she begins to manipulate the wrist of the champion. Blackheart then nails a forearm on the apron, but her attempt to charge out of the ring fails and Io Shirai is able to hit a moonsault to the outside.

Despite that move, back in the ring, Shotzi regains control with a dropkick in the corner which she follows with a bulldog. Shotzi then hits a knee strike but the champion responds with a forearm and the two women then go back and forth with chops and strikes.

Io Shirai manages to bring down Blackheart though with a crossface submission, however, Shotzi makes it to the ropes and then avoids the 619. However, she turns it around by setting Io up on the ropes as Shotzi connects with the senton onto the champ.

Blackheart then suplexes the champion straight into the bridge and she transitions from that into an amazing submission in the middle of the ring. Io then plants Shotzi face-first onto the mat and she follows that with a 619 and a missile dropkick.

Shirai then goes to the top turnbuckle once again, but Shotzi leaps up and hits a huge hurricanrana, although Shirai is able to kick out! The two women then both head to the top rope, but Shotzi fights her down to the ring apron and Io hits a massive German Suplex on the ring apron!

Back in the ring, the NXT Women’s Champion connects with a running knee attack in the corner as she then hits the Moonsault from the top turnbuckle to get the victory after a hard-fought bout.

Winner: Io Shirai


It has been announced that next week there will be a women’s battle royal to determine the next #1 contender to Io Shirai’s WWE NXT Women’s Championship.


Tommaso Ciampa demands a clean break from the ropes early but then connects with a sharp knee strike. However, Ciampa does end up being rocked by a dropkick, but he follows that up with several big clotheslines as he then pounds away on Desmond Troy in the corner.

Ciampa then catapults Troy up and smacks his head onto the bottom turnbuckle, following it up with the Willows Bell for a routine win.

Winner: Tommaso Ciampa

Ciampa then grabs a chair but Jake Atlas appears and tells him that he could easily come out and jump him from behind, but that’s not his way. However, he says that next week he will show Ciampa just how dangerous he can be.

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