WWE NXT Results (9/16): Two Title Matches Take Place, Io Shirai vs. Shotzi Blackheart, More!



Drake Maverick is asked about his match tonight and he says his game plan is simple, they have a common enemy and they’ll take care of business as a team. Drake says he hasn’t heard from Killian Dain, but asides from that everything should be fine, seemingly trying to convince himself.


Finn Balor reflects on last week, saying Adam Cole is undisputed but there is only one Prince. He says he keeps getting asked about his past where he had to build the brand and be the brand. Finn says he made the brand, and now the brand needs him.

Him being champion makes this the most important title in the game, and he says now it is time for people to start fighting to face the champion, warning people about crossing the Prince


Before the match, Austin Theory says he is a future first-ballot Hall Of Famer, and he says last week was a fluke and he’s going to prove that now. Kushida makes his way out straight away and just nails Theory with a dropkick.

The match becomes official and Kushida remains in control. Theory manages to turn things around as he hangs up Theory on the top rope which he follows with a clothesline and the two men then go back and forth with some strikes.

Theory gets too confident, missing a standing moonsault and Kushida responds with a huge kick to the arm and he follows that with a basement dropkick. He keeps up the attack, launching himself at Theory, who heads to the outside.

But as Theory tries to hit a forearm, Kushida avoids it and Theory’s arm goes straight into the ring post. Inside the ring he sets the Hoverboard Lock and picks up the submission victory, refusing to let go until he’s forced to do so, highlighting his new aggressive attitude.

Winner: Kushida

In the Gargano House, Candice and Johnny are complaining about their television breaking last week thanks to Tegan Nox. Candice talks about the battle royal, saying she will be winning it, while Johnny talks about watching the North American Title match tonight on a crappy television.


Imperium hit the ring straight away and try to jump the champions, but Breezango turns things around and dumps them outside of the ring. But when the match starts, Marcel Barthel hits another cheap shot, taking Tyler Breeze off the ring apron.

This leaves Fandango alone as Fabian Aichner drops him to the mat with Barthel tagging in and hitting a big chop and some stomps. Aichner hits a belly to back suplex as they continue to dominate, but Fandango responds with a big boot and then knocks Marcel off the ring apron.

However, this brief distraction allows for Aichner to level ‘Dango with a clothesline as Barthel comes in and takes charge again. The challengers continue to dominate with frequent tags as they hit their stereo dropkicks in the corner.

Fandango again starts to fight back though, and he eventually knocks Barthel down with a huge clothesline. Tyler Breeze comes in hot and drops Aichner with brilliant kicks and clotheslines. Breeze then locks in a half Boston and he avoids Barthel who tries to break it up with Fandango taking him out of the ring.

Aichner then takes out Tyler and tries to follow up by bouncing off the second ropes, but Fandango stops him and Breeze hits a sweet superkick but Barthel breaks up the pinfall. Aichner does power Breeze to his corner though and Barthel helps push Tyler into Aichner who drops him down with a huge suplex.

However, this time it is Fandango breaking things up and he manages to tag in. He wipes out Aichner with a high crossbody and he then fights both challenges on the outside. Imperium ends up eating two big superkicks and back in the ring, Fandango misses with the leg drop.

With the official blind, Barthel hits a huge kick to the face and Aichner follows it with a German suplex, but Fandango kicks out! Breeze tags in again and he catches Barthel with an enziguri, but a blind tag is made and Imperium hit several great double teams.

They then try to hit their finisher but Fandango kicks Breeze into them in the corner and that allows Breeze to get a roll-up victory on Aichner!

Winners (and still NXT Tag Team Champions): Breezango

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