WWE NXT Results (9/16): Two Title Matches Take Place, Io Shirai vs. Shotzi Blackheart, More!



Xia Li and Kayden carter start things off with Carter working the arm of her opponent as she and Kacy then hit a great double team. Jessie Kamea manages to tag in, but she is taken down to size with a double team as Kacy and Kayden hit great tandem offence.

Xia returns and connects with several great knees and then a huge spinning kick before Kamea gets back with a huge splash in the corner. She tries it again but misses and this allows two hot tags as Carter and Li trade huge strikes until Carter nails a superkick, with Kamea getting one as well.

Carter and Kacy then hit an amazing double team with Carter holding up Kacy who hits a pump kick as Carter then drops Li to the mat with Kacy leaping over to go straight into the pin.

Winners: Kacy Catanzaro & Kayden Carter

After the match, they all look to shake hands, but Xia Li opts to walk away and leave them all.


Backstage Drake finds Killian Dain where he tells Maverick they’re not friends or tag team partners, so if he goes he will do it on his own.


Killian Dain doesn’t come out and this starts as a handicap with Drake Maverick trying to fight against both men straight away. He throws a few punches, but the numbers game takes over and Roderick Strong hits several chops as he is total control.

Maverick keeps fighting though and he manages to hit a missile dropkick to Bobby Fish. However, the distraction from Strong allows Bobby Fish to attack once again with a knee to the mid-section. Strong returns to action and hits a backbreaker as Dain is shown just watching backstage.

The Englishman continues to try and fight back, but yet again Strong drops another backbreaker. William Regal is then shown backstage asking Killian Dain if he’s going to allow that to happen.

Back in the ring, Maverick is launched out of the ring, but then Killian Dain appears! He drags Maverick back into the ring and tells him to lose like a man, but then Roddy starts trash talking which fires Dain up. He quickly begins dominating the Undisputed Era members until Fish uses a chair.

Winners (by DQ): Drake Maverick & Killian Dain

Fish tries to use the chair again but Maverick stops him and the two men then work together to get rid of them. Maverick begins celebrating but Dain just knocks him out with another right hand.

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