WWE NXT Results (9/16): Two Title Matches Take Place, Io Shirai vs. Shotzi Blackheart, More!



Jake Atlas is shown backstage, but Tommaso Ciampa appears and attacks him behind the scenes, launching him into the lorry as he then hits a big kick to the chest. Security breaks things up and Kyle O’Reilly stands up to Ciampa, telling him to wait until next week. Ciampa says he will see Atlas next week, and he will be seeing O’Reilly as well.


William Regal has revealed that next week there will be a first time ever match to determine the #1 contender for the NXT Championship. A gauntlet eliminator will take place with five different wrestlers taking part as the winner earns a shot at Balor for the upcoming Takeover event.


The two men look to take control early on here, and it is the champion who dominates the early exchanges, going for a grappling style, then using his size with some big shoulder tackles. Damian Priest then connects with a kick, but Timothy Thatcher knocks Damian to the outside with an uppercut.

Priest keeps fighting on the outside though, but it is the champion who gets launched into the steel steps. Thatcher follows up with a suplex to the floor. Despite Thatcher continuing to work body parts, Priest tries to fight back with lots of different punches.

However, Thatcher stops him and delivers a huge slap, but that only fires up the champion who unloads on kicks and strikes, eventually hitting a forearm which floors Thatcher. He then follows up with two massive kicks, but as he goes for a springboard attack, Thatcher moves.

He then works on several submissions, but Priest manages to escape, only to end up being caught in another armbar as Priest struggles to stay in this one, eventually using his long legs to get to the ropes. Priest then hits a Flatliner and follows up with a Chokeslam, but Thatcher kicks out once again.

Priest then catches Thatcher on the jaw with a kick and follows up with a spinning heel kick from the top rope. The champion connects with the Reckoning and is able to retain the title!

Winner (and STILL North American Champion): Damian Priest

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