WWE NXT Results (1/29): Dusty Rhodes Classic Finals, Finn Balor vs Trent Seven


January 29, 2020

Winter Park, FL

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Finn Balor vs. Trent Seven

Balor attacks Seven before the bell. Seven gets in the ring and Balor attacks again, as the bell rings. Balor chokes Seven on the ropes. Balor hits a snapmare and a series of stomps. Seven retreats from the ring. Balor hits a dropkick to the outside.

Balor smashes Seven into the barricade and sends him back into the ring, where he stomps away on the mustachioed Brit. Seven fights out of a chinlock but eats strike and a standing double stomp. Balor covers for a nearfall. Balor gets another nearfall. Balor kicks Seven in the ribs. Seven rolls up Balor in a Small Package for a nearfall.

Balor fights back with a Sling Blade. Balor attacks the neck more. We head to commercial.

Back from commercial and Seven fights out of a headlock and hits a Running DDT. Seven hits a series of corner chops. Seven hits a Snap Suplex. Seven hits Seven Stars Lariat for a nearfall.

Balor retreats from the ring. Seven hits a Tope Suicida and sends Balor back in the ring. Seven struggles up to the top rope. Balor clips Seven’s knee, and sends him to the mat. Balor hits a Shotgun Dropkick. Balor hits Coup De Grace. Balor hits 1916 for the pinfall in 10:06.

WINNER: Finn Balor

Backstage, the Broserweights promise to make history tonight. Dunne says he’s gonna break Gibson & Drake’s fingers, which Riddle calls “a bit extreme.” Tegan Nox & Dakota Kai’s rivalry is recapped. We head to commercial.

A bunch of numbers are shown on the screen. Shotzi Blackheart enters the arena in A DAMN TANK!

Shotzi Blackheart vs. Deonna Purrazzo

Purrazzo locks immediately starts torturing the arm of Shotzi. Purrazzo takes her to the mat. Shotzi fights out. Shozti hits an enzuigiri. Purrazzo hits a Single Armbreaker. Purrazzo locks in a Leg Scissors Armlock. Purrazzo hits a short-arm lariat, and then another for a nearfall. 

Shotzi hits a series of jawbreakers, and a neckbreaker. Shotzi hits an Inverted Slingblade. Shotzi hits a Rolling Forearm. Shotzi gets a nearfall. Shotzi climbs to the top rope and hits a diving Senton for the pinfall in 3:16.

WINNER: Shotzi Blackheart

Keith Lee’s North American Title win is recapped. Worlds Collide is recapped.

Keith Lee comes out with the North American Title. Lee talks up his win over Roderick Strong, but is interrupted by Damian Priest. Priest says he really, really likes taking things, and he usually gets what he wants. He wants the North American Title. Dominick Dijakovic comes out and says that if anyone deserves the North American Championship, it’s Lee…BUT Dijakovic should be the challenger. Dijakovic and Priest face off, while Lee retreats from the ring. A referee enters the ring and a #1 Contender’s Match begins.

North American Championship #1 Contender Match: Dominick Dijakovic vs. Damian Priest.

They fight to the outside. Priest hits a Crucifix Bomb to the apron. We head to commercial.

Back from commercial and Dijakovic hits a Vertical Suplex Slam. Both men trade choke attempts. Priest hits a rolling forearm and a lariat. Priest hits a Flatliner for a nearfall. Dijakovic hits a Chokebomb for a nearfall. Priest retreats from the ring. Dijakovic hits an Asai Moonsault.

Dijakovic sends Priest back in the ring. Priest hits a Chokeslam for a nearfall. Dijakovic leaves the ring. Priest hits a Tope Con Hiro. Priest sends Dijakovic back in the ring. Stereo roundhouse kicks send both men down. Priest hits an Avalanche Poison Rana for a nearfall. Dijakovic fights out of The Reckoning and hits Feast Your Eyes for the pinfall in 8:34.

WINNER: Dominick Dijakovic.

Backstage, Grizzled Young Veterans prepare backstage, as their road to the finals are shown.

Backstage, The Undisputed Era is laid out. Tommaso Ciampa walks out with a pipe. Someone in the background yells “Ciampa, what did you do?” Ciampa comes out with a table. Ciampa sets up the table and spray paints an X on it. Adam Cole comes out to avenge his fallen comrades. Ciampa says he never lost the title. He calls himself “Goldie’s Daddy.” Ciampa says he’s going to whoop Cole’s ass and powerbomb him through a table. Then he’s going to sign a contract for NXT Takeover Portland, where “Goldie Comes Home.”

William Regal comes out with a contract. Cole grabs the contract and attacks Ciampa, busting him open. Ciampa fights back and powerbombs Cole through the table. Ciampa signs the contract, while the crowd chants “use the blood.” Ciampa grabs the NXT Title and bleeds on it.

Back from commercial, Jordan Devlin’s title win is recapped. Devlin will be on NXT next week.

Tegan Nox vs. Dakota Kai

Kai forces Nox to watch Kai’s betrayal repeatedly. Nox throws her knee brace at Kai and the women start brawling viciously. Nox hits a Cannonball and Kai retreats from the ring. Kai hits an apron head kick. Kai stomps away on Nox in the crowd. They brawl into the stands. 

Nox fights Kai all the way to ringside and breaks the count. Kai hits a huge head kick. Kai grabs a chair but Nox hits a thrust kick and sends Kai into the ring post. Nox sends Kai back in the ring. Nox grabs a chair. The referee stops her. Kai grabs the knee brace.

Nox ducks a brace shot and hits a German Suplex. Kai retreats from the ring. Kai counters a Tope Suicida. Kai grabs a chair, but Candice Lerae runs out and stops Kai. While the referee is distracted, Nox hits Kai with the knee brace. Nox hits the Shiniest Wizard for the win in 3:14.

WINNER: Tegan Nox

Backstage, The Broserweights prepare, while their road to the finals is shown.

Kayden Carter vs. Chelsea Green (w/ Robert Stone)

Green dominates the match but gets cocky and gets rolled up in 3:13. 

WINNER: Kayden Carter

Green argues with Carter after the match.

Dusty Tag Team Classic Final Match: The Broserweights vs. Grizzled Young Veterans

Dunne dominates Drake’s arm to start. Riddle tags in and lays in kicks. Drake fights back with a Sunset Flip. Riddle counters with an Ankle Lock. Gibson tags in and takes out Riddle.

Riddle corners Gibson and unleashes vicious mid kicks. Riddle hits a Gutwrench Suplex. Dunne tags in and hits a siding dropkick. Drake tags in. Dunne drops him with a lariat. Dunne hits an Apron Moonsault on Gibson. Drake hits a Pescado. Back in the ring and Drake gets a nearfall.

Dunne comes back with stiff strikes. Drake sends Dunne into the ringpost and Dunne falls out of the ring. We head to commercial.

Back from commercial and Riddle tags in. Gibson tags in. Riddle dominates and hits a German Suplex. Gibson hits a jawbreaker. Riddle hits Gibson with a Brohammer. Dunne tags in. Drake tags in. Dunne and Riddle double team Drake for a nearfall.

Riddle tags in. Gibson tags in. Gibson and Drake hit Basket Bomb for a nearfall. Gibson hits a Saito Suplex for a nearfall. Gibson and Riddle trade slaps. Drake tags in and its an Enzuigiri. Broserweights fight off a double team and get a nearfall.

Riddle hits a Fisherman Buster for a nearfall. Drake fights back with a DDT for a nearfall. Gibson tags in. Dunne tags in.

They trade blows. Dunne locks in an ankle lock. Riddle locks Drake into an Ankle Lock. Both Veterans fight out. We head to commercial.

Back from commercial and Dunne fights out of Doomsday Device for a nearfall. Drake takes out Riddle at ringside. Gibson hits Ticket To Ride on Dunne for a nearfall. Gibson locks in London Dungeon. Drake locks Riddle in a Rear Naked Choke. Riddle Spears Gibson. Everyone is down. 

Riddle and Dunne hit Riddle End on James Drake for a nearfall. Gibson stops an Indytaker. Drake hits an enzuigiri. Drake knocks Dunne onto Gibson’s shoulders. Drake hits a Tope Suicida into a Doomsday Device. GYV double team Riddle. Gibson hits a Suplex. Drake hits a 450 Splash. Gibson covers for a nearfall.

Drake tags in. Dunne recvoers. Dunne and Riddle hit stereo Bro Dereks. Dunne hits a Golden Moonsault to Gibson on the outside. Riddle hits an Exploding Bro on Drake. Riddle and Dunne hit stereo knee strikes. Dunne covers for the pinfall in 21:15.

2020 Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic Winners: Matt Ridde & Pete Dunne