WWE NXT Results (11/13): Road to WarGames, Women’s Ladder Match, Lio Rush Defends Cruiserweight Title



Nov. 13th, 2019

WWE NXT is LIVE on the USA Network at 8pm ET. Mia Yim will face Io Shirai in a Ladder Match, plus Lio Rush defends the WWE NXT Cruiserweight Championship against Angel Garza. Leave your comments below or send them to @RossWBermanIV.

Last week’s episode is recapped while sick metal music plays.

First Match: WWE NXT Cruiserweight Championship Match: Lio Rush (c) vs. Angel Garza

Lio ducks a punch. Lio and Angel artfully dodge each other. Garza offers a handshake. Garza flips Rush. Garza retreats to the outside. Garza goes outside the barricade and rips off his pants in front of Rush’s family. Garza gets back to ringside. Rush hits a Tope Suicida. Rush throws Garza back in the ring.

Rush dominates Garza. Garza dodges The Come Up. Rush sends Garza to the outside. Rush hits a Wrecking Ball Dropkick. Garza counters a Tope Suicida with a powerslam on the floor. We head to commercial.

During the commercial, Garza gets Rush back in the ring. Garza hits a rebound reverse suplex. Garza gets a nearfall. Garza dominates Rush in the corner. Garza gets another nearfall. Garza continues to keep Rush on the canvas. Rush counters a Death Valley Driver with a Frankensteiner. Garza fights back and locks in a double shoulder lock. Garza stretches Rush during a distractingly delicious Papa John’s commercial.

Back from commercial, Rush fights back with a series of strikes. Rush hits a handspring back elbow for a nearfall. Garza slaps Rush’s chest. Garza hits a stiff knee strike. Rush dodges a Wingclipper and hits a Bicycle Kick. Garza counters The Come Up with a Dropkick to the back of Rush’s neck. Garza covers for two. Rush dodges a Moounsault. Rush hits a Spinning Unprettier for a nearfall. Rush climbs to the top rope but Garza stops him. Garza hits a Moonsault Fallaway Slam for a nearfall. Garza pummels Rush. Rush hits a Standing Spanish Fly. Rush hits a spinning heel kick. Rush hits The Come Up. Rush smacks Garza and goes for a second Come Up, but Garza counters with the Wingclipper. Garza covers for two.

Garza climbs the top rope with Rush in his clutches. Rush counters an Avalanche Wingclipper. They trade headbitts. Rush hits a body scissors hurricanrana. Rush climbs to the top rope. Rush hits Final Hour. Rush covers for two.

Rush hits a rope-hung Final Hour for the pinfall in 12:58.


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