WWE NXT Results (11/17): Velveteen Dream vs Lars Sullivan, Johnny Gargano Comes Clean, Heavy Machinery in Action


WWE NXT Results
November 7, 2018

HEAVY MACHINERY (Otis Dozovic & Tucker Knight) def. THE FORGOTTEN SONS (Wesley Blake & Steve Cutler w/ Jaxson Ryker) in a solid opening match. Doz got the win with a big powerslam on Cutler.

— Candice LeRae did a backstage segment where she claimed she was not in NXT to be “exploited”, and refused to answer any questions about what’s going on with her husband, Johnny Gargano. Instead she’s focussed on Nikki Cross, and demands to face her in a match next week.

— Shayna Baszler is backstage with NXT GM William Regal, along with the newly debuted Marina Shafir and Jessamyn Duke. Baszler brags about the first two-time NXT Women’s Champion and claims that Kairi Sane is completely insignificant to her. Regal announces that Kairi will get her rematch at NXT Takeover: WarGames in a Two Out of Three Falls match!


— Backstage segment with Mia Yim talking about arriving in NXT and living her dreams, interrupted by Bianca Belair, who wants to know why she’s not being interviewed instead. She reminds everyone that she is UN-DE-FEAT-ED in NXT and told Mia to go back to the indies where she came from.

— Footage from last week with Matt Riddle and Keith Lee catching up backstage after Riddle’s debut, interrupted by Kassius Ohno, who is obsessed with breaking William Regal’s “shiny new toy”. Man, this guy had no friends as a kid, did he?

— The Undisputed Era talk about how there are no winners in WarGames, only losers and survivors. They’ve been there, done that, and they are still standing. Cut to the War Raiders who claim there will be war inside the cage. Pete Dunne says the Undisputed Era has used their numbers game to take advantage of the NXT roster for too long, but that stops now. Ricochet points out that there will finally be nowhere for them to run.

— Johnny Gargano came out and addressed the “why” — as in “Why Johnny Why!” did he attack Aleister Black. He said he was on a path to Tommaso Ciampa and Black simply got in the way of him doing what was right. He was collateral damage, nothing more. Johnny said that Black walked around pretending like he owned NXT, but the reality is that he, Johnny, is the hero. He’s the same as he always was, fighting for what’s right, but the fans can’t handle that he did ONE evil thing — a thing that had to be done. Gargano says he’s no longer afraid of Aleister, because he’s not afraid of walking in the dark any more. In fact, he’s actually start to like it, and promises to leave Black laying once again at Takeover.

— Next week Kyle O’Reilly will face Hanson and the winner will give their team the first numbers advantage inside WarGames.

LARS SULLIVAN def. THE VELVETEEN DREAM after Dream went after Tommaso Ciampa at the end of the match, and got caught with a Freak Accident. Ciampa beat down Dream after the match and went for a powerbomb on his title belt, but Dream turned it into a swinging DDT knocking the champ out cold. He went to the top rope as officials came out and argued with him to get down, but he hit Ciampa with the Purple Rainmaker elbow drop anyways.

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