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WWE NXT Results (1/13): Dusty Rhodes Classic Begins, MSK Debuts, LeRae Faces Blackheart



WWE NXT Results

WWE NXT Results
January 13, 2020
Orlando, FL

Live coverage begins at 8PM ET, provided by PW staff writer Matthew Wilkinson (@MC_Wilkinson1). Follow @prowrestlingcom on FacebookInstagram and Twitter.


Candice LeRae starts out with energy and tries to hang up Shotzi Blackheart on the ropes, but she suckers her in and then connects with a sharp kick to the head. Shotzi then heads to the top rope and connects with a crossbody as she then begins twisting the formerly injured arm.

Candice grabs the ropes and then tries to get to the top turnbuckle herself, but Shotzi sweeps Candice’s feet away which leads to LeRae’s head bouncing off the top turnbuckle, putting Shotzi back in the driving seat of this one. Shotzi and Candice both end up on the ring apron, and Blackheart gets the best of it by pulling Candice’s arm into the ring post.

Blackheart then dives off the steel stairs to take out Candice again, but Indi Hartwell then steps in the way. She grabs hold of Blackheart when Candice has gone back into the ring, and while the distraction is taking place, Candice launches herself out of the ring with a dropkick.

The two women then go back and forth with strikes inside the ring, but Shotzi comes out on top and then hits the senton to LeRae while she’s draped on the second rope. The two women head to the ring apron and once again, Shotzi comes out on top with a DDT onto the apron.

Indi then comes to check on her stablemate, but Shotzi takes them both out with a suicide dive, but Candice is able to kick out of the pinfall attempt in the ring. LeRae turns things around with a nice superkick after she avoids Blackheart’s charge in the corner, as she bounces off the turnbuckle.

LeRae then looks for a submission victory, but Blackheart counters and drops LeRae face first into her knee. She then hits a high knee in the corner and DDT’s Candice to the mat immediately afterward. Shotzi goes to the top rope, but Indi Hartwell gets up and tries to attack her.

While Shotzi is able to knock her down, this brief distraction allows Candice to leap up to the top rope and connect with a swinging neck breaker off the top to get the victory.

Winner: Candice LeRae


The WWE NXT Champion is here and he’s here to remind us he’s still champion. Finn says he will give Kyle O’Reilly credit, calling him great. But he’s not on his level, as despite stepping up, Kyle got put down and the difference this time is that Kyle is eating through a straw.

Finn then says tells whoever wants to come at him next, they’ve stopped cutting the cloth that he’s cut from. But it appears he may have a challenger, as Pete Dunne (with Burch/Lorcan) arrives. Pete says Finn knows full well what is next.

Pete says he’s been watching his whole career and he knew one day it would come down to them. He says that everyone has Finn down as the poster boy fr European wrestling, but he only has that because he’s not taken that yet. Pete says he isn’t waiting anymore, and he tries to get into the ring, but Finn jumps them first, getting the upper hand on all three of them.

Balor does a great job of attacking all of them until Dunne manages to hang up Balor’s previously injured arm on the top rope. The numbers game then proves too much as they attack Finn until Kyle O’Reilly appears and attempts to help Finn out.

The numbers then prove too much for him as well until Adam Cole and Roderick Strong hit the ring to chase away the heels. Balor then stares down the Undisputed Era and gives a nod of respect before leaving the ring with his title.





WWE NXT Results

WWE NXT Results
January 20, 2020
Orlando, FL

Live coverage begins at 8PM ET, provided by PW staff writer Matthew Wilkinson (@MC_Wilkinson1). Follow @prowrestlingcom on FacebookInstagram and Twitter.


Leon Ruff requests to start the match, but Austin Theory wastes no time in dropping him to the mat with a shoulder tackle. Ruff then tries to avoid Theory with his rope jumps, but Theory catches him, only for Ruff to respond with a dropkick as Kushida tags in.

The two men work together to kick away the arms of Theory, and Kushida continues to work on the arm, isolating Austin until a distraction from Johnny Gargano allows Theory to drop his opponent and tag out. The North American Champion comes in aggressively, stomping away on Kushida, but he fires back with several forearms of his own.

Theory then tags back in and nails a massive dropkick straight away and he works the arm of Kushida as Gargano tags back in with the two men dropping Kushida with elbow strikes. Gargano connects with a dropkick to the back of Kushida’s head, and once again Theory returns to action, with frequent tags taking place.

Leon Ruff finally tags in though and he hits a missile dropkick and then another great strike to remain in control. Ruff misses with an attack in the corner, but Gargano pops up on the apron to distract him, with Ruff punching him back down.

However, this allows Theory to take out Ruff with a spinning sit-out powerbomb, but Ruff is able to kick out! Gargano returns to the match and drops Gargano with a swinging neck breaker, but Ruff once again fights out and keeps the match alive.

Ruff manages to send Gargano out of the ring, but Theory is there to stop him from making the tag, only for Ruff to hit an enziguri. But just as he dives to make the tag, Gargano pulls Kushida away. Theory then attacks him from behind and the heels hit a great double team, but Ruff kicks out again.

Theory then sets him up for a powerbomb, but Ruff gets himself to the ropes and launches himself into Theory, hitting a cutter to layout Theory. Both teams tag out and Kushida comes in hot, attacking Gargano until Theory gets involved again.

However, Kushida hits a handspring and takes out Theory with an elbow as he then launches out of the ring to take out Gargano with a DDT to the floor.  Back in the ring, Gargano tries to turn things around, but Kushida reverses and locks in an armbar, yet Theory breaks it up.

Kushida launches Theory out of the ring, but Gargano takes control anyway as he brings Theory back in. He plants Kushida down to the mat as Gargano follows up with a superkick, and this time it is Kushida kicking out to keep the match alive.

Gargano then looks to nail a knee to the head, but Ruff appears from behind, knocking Theory out of the ring as he then dives to the outside to keep the attack going. Back in the ring, Kushida catches Gargano with a huge forearm as he then suplexes the champion into the bridge, earning the victory!

Winners: Kushida & Leon Ruff


A video package is shown where Pete Dunne says he and Finn Balor are similar, but the difference is he stayed and built an entire brand but as a thank you, he gets compared to Finn. He says he is the real threat to the title and their match is inevitable, and when that day comes, Finn will pass the torch.


Malcolm Bivens is shown outside of William Regal’s office, where he says Tyler Rust is a future North American and NXT Champion. However, Rust comes out of the office and says he got here early and got the match against Bronson Reed. However, Bivens whispers to him that it wasn’t the direction they were going in, but he then snaps out of it and says they have a match to prepare for.


Adonis tries to start out catching Karrion Kross with a few strikes, but he just responds by suplexing him and then launching him across the ring. Once again, Kross suplexes Adonis and he then follows it with a huge blow to the back of the neck, and just like that he picks up the victory.

Winner: Karrion Kross

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aew dynamite

It’s Wednesday night… and you know what that means! 

Welcome to’s live coverage of AEW Dynamite! Results provided by @dougEwrestling. Follow @prowrestlingcom on FacebookInstagram and Twitter.

Coverage begins at 8/7C!

JANURAY 20, 2021


We start with the entire Dark Order on the stage and -1 is on there on 10’s shoulder’s! They’re decorating a cake for him and lighting the candles. John Silver gets on the mic and asks the crowd to sing happy birthday to Brodie! The Dark Order signs with the crowd and they give him a round of applause.

But out comes Luther and Serpentico and he starts to give crap to -1 for calling him stupid. He tells him that he looks stupid and he’s a doofus. The Chaos Project doesn’t like children or the Dark Order. They are going to ruin his birthday he says and the Dark Order starts to attack him. Out comes Th2 to even the odds, but then Hangman Page comes out and dives onto everyone. I guess we’re starting the match?


John Silver is in the ring and he’s getting the best of Serpentico. Silver tags in Hangman Page who. comes in with some clotheslines and then crushes Jack Evans with a spine buster. The match spills with everyone to the outside and Hangman gets up top and hits moonsault onto everyone. More chaos and Colt Cabana puts Luther through the table face first into the cake.

Back in the ring, Page hits Serpentico with a Buckshot Lariat and Alex Reynolds gets the pin for the victory.

Winners: The Dark Order and Hangman Page

After the match, -1 gets on the mic and he tells them that his birthday was 3 days ago and then he hits Serpentico with a kendo stick shot to the head. He grabs some papers and throws them in his face!

In the ring, John Silver asks Hangman Page if he will join the Dark Order. Hangman says he can’t, and he’s done the group thing before and he can’t. He grabs a beer and leaves.

(continued on next page…)

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IMPACT Wrestling Results (1/19): Private Party vs Chris Sabin & James Storm, Tony Khan In The IMPACT Zone



IMPACT Wrestling Results

Welcome to’s live coverage of IMPACT Wrestling on AXS TV and Twitch. We are just three days removed from Hard To Kill, where the AEW World Champion Kenny Omega pinned IMPACT World Champion Rich Swann in a tremendous six-man tag team main event. We also have new Knockouts Tag Team Champions. 

IMPACT Wrestling
January 19, 2021
Nashville, TN

New footage is shown from “last Saturday” after the Hard To Kill main event. Kenny Omega and the Good Brothers celebrate their victory before Don Callis offers to get them all a few drinks. Once the others are gone, Callis turns back and looks directly into the camera. He tells us that he and Kenny have to take a bit of a hiatus in order to take care of some business in Jacksonville, but they’ll be back before you know it.

Rhino (w/ Cousin Jake) vs. Eric Young (w/ Joe Doering & Deaner)

Rhino backs EY into the corner and clubs him with big right hands. Young drives his thumbs into his eyes and slaps on a side headlock, wrenching on the hold for a minute. Rhino throws elbows to escape, rushes the corner, and runs right into a pair of boots. They collide in the center of the ring- both men down.

Deaner climbs into the ring and starts to argue with the referee. With the ref’s back turned, Joe Doering runs around the other side and attacks Rhino, driving his knee into the ring post. EY puts him in a kneebar submission, and the ECW legend is quickly forced to tap out.

Winner: Eric Young

Violence By Design beats down Rhino after the match. Cousin Jake runs in and gets in a few good shots, but quickly falls to the 3-on-1 attack. They wrap Rhino’s ankle in a steel chair and Doering jumps on it repeatedly, as they force Jake to watch him roll around screaming in pain.

More unseen footage from Hard To Kill. After the main event Rich Swann and Moose had a tense staredown coming back through the curtain. Moose attacked Swann and threw him head-first into a wall. He claimed to be a man of his word and was the best damn tag team partner possible in their six-man tag, but he wasn’t the reason they lost. Now he’s coming for the IMPACT World Championship.

Who Will Challenge The Good Brothers?

The Good Brothers make their way to the ring. No Bullet Club gear this time around. Karl Anderson asks how many times they need to make history before people give them the respect they deserve. Gallows claimed they did it again last Saturday night and it’s been a non-stop party ever since.

Chris Sabin cuts off the champions. He says the Good Brothers treat the IMPACT locker room like it’s their personal party bus, and reminds them that neither of the Motor City Machine Guns were pinned to lose the IMPACT World Tag Team Championships. He wants a rematch. Now.

Gallows points out the obvious, that Chris Sabin currently has no tag team partner because Alex Shelley is at home. Sabin realizes this, but went out and found another tag team partner with a bit of experience in the IMPACT tag team division…

“The Cowboy” James Storm is here! Storm runs down his long list of accolades and nicknames. He says he’s not afraid of the Good Brothers or any of their friends, and it’s time for them to either put up or shut up. Sorry about your damn luck!


Hardy welcomes himself back to IMPACT Wrestling and introduces Private Party, who he claims will be the “second best” tag team in wrestling history, after him and his brothers. He puts over AEW Dynamite on TNT and does a bit of Steiner Math on how much money he’ll be making as their official agent. Hardy says Private Party needs a warm-up match tonight before Dynamite, and thinks it should be against the IMPACT champions…

The Good Brothers claim they’re not wrestling tonight, and are headed to the back to continue drinking. However, they agree that if Private Party battles Shelley and Storm tonight, they’ll put their belts on the line against the winners at a later date. It’s on!



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