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WWE NXT Results (1/20): The Fight Pit Returns, Women’s Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic Begins!



WWE NXT Results


Finn Balor is told his match is confirmed but he needs a partner, and Finn says that there are a couple of people around here that owe him a favor. Balor is then shown heading into Undisputed Era’s locker room where he says he is looking for his payback, and he asks Kyle O’Reilly if he’s in or if he’s still sucking his meals through a straw.

Roderick Strong tells him to watch his moth but Adam Cole calms him down, and Kyle tells Finn that he is in.


Santos Escobar is then shown in the ring as he says he is the champion of champions. He says a champion of champions doesn’t have to conquer a curse like Johnny Gargano or have a glass jaw like Finn Balor. He says he doesn’t need a fancy car or to have all the pomp and circumstance like Karrion Kross, who didn’t even make it to his first title defense.

Santos says he backs up every word that he has said, and he has beaten every person who has been on his path. He then praises his stablemates for winning their first-round match, saying it puts them one step closer to being like him, champions of champions.

However, Lucha House Party then hit the ring and they start brawling with their quarter-final opponents. However, it is Legado Del Fantasma who gets the best of the situation, until Curt Stallion hits the ring and evens up the playing field, sending the heels packing.


Drake Maverick says this year he’s walking into this year with a beacon of light, a best friend in the entire world, Killian Dain. He puts over their Dusty Cup opponents, MSK, but he says they’re not going to win this tournament because they are.

Killian says that’s pretty good as he slaps Drake and says he will see him next week.


It’s main event time! The two men waste no time in slugging it out as Timothy Thatcher hits a suplex on Tommaso Ciampa, who simply slams onto the hard floor on the top level. Thatcher then starts kicking his back, but Ciampa fights back with some kicks to the face.

Ciampa then starts stomping away on his rival as he connects with several big chops. Ciampa then sets Thatcher up in the metal guard rail and pulls him up, as he goes neck-first into the metal. When the match returns from commercial, they’re inside the pit itself as Ciampa launches Thatcher into the steel several times, following it up with a running knee into the steel.

Thatcher responds well though, slamming Ciampa shoulder-first into the steel, and he then stomps down on Ciampa’s head. Ciampa kicks away at the knee of Thatcher and he hits a chop, only for Timothy to slam Ciampa into the steel and bounce off with a belly-to-belly suplex.

Thatcher then manipulates the fingers of Ciampa, bending them apart, but Ciampa responds by sending Thatcher head-first into the steel. Ciampa then nails a stiff kick to the spine of Thatcher but once again the pendulum swings as Thatcher kicks Ciampa away into the steel.

He then looks to lock in the sleeper hold, but Ciampa breaks out of the hold with a low blow. Thatcher then crawls over the referee’s back as he is checking on him, but this allows Tommaso to use the referee in order to connect with Willows Bell!

Thatcher just beats the count, but Ciampa charges straight into him only for Thatcher to fire back as the two men go back and forth with big forearm strikes and slaps. Ciampa slams the skull of Thatcher into the steel and then nails the Fairytale Ending as he follows it up with a submission, but Thatcher lifts him up and sends Ciampa into the steel, neck-first.

Thatcher locks in a sleeper hold but Ciampa climbs up the corner, looking to flip over and out. However, Thatcher pushes Ciampa’s leg into the steel which holds up the structure, trapping him, and Thatcher then yanks away on the previously injured knee, forcing Ciampa to submit.

Winner: Timothy Thatcher


WWE Smackdown Results: Daniel Bryan vs Jey Uso In A Steel Cage Match



WWE Smackdown Results

Welcome to our live coverage of WWE Friday Night Smackdown on FOX!

WWE Smackdown Results
March 5, 2021

* * *

Michael Cole welcomed Daniel Bryan to the ring to kick off the show. Bryan acknowledged that Edge vs Roman Reigns is the dream match everyone wants to see in the main event at WrestleMania 37. He talked about rolling out of the ring at the Elimination Chamber feeling like a failure, watching Edge spear the champion and point to the WrestleMania sign. Bryan admitted that he’s been putting his own career on the backburner for the sake of giving back to the younger stars who are ready and deserve his spot. But he’s wrestled more in the last three weeks than Reigns or Edge have in the last three months, and promises to be the one who ruins everyone’s WrestleMania dream match.

Roman Reigns came out with his entourage and mocked Bryan for finally finding his ambition again. He claimed that Bryan doesn’t really love wrestling anymore, so much as he needs it. Reigns said that Bryan needs him at the Head of the Table just like everyone else in WWE. Jey Uso took the mic and told Bryan that he wasn’t walking out of the Steel Cage tonight. He didn’t lock Roman out of the cage, he locked himself inside with a pitbull. Uso took a shot at him, but Bryan easily sent him over the top rope like a chump and stared down the champion.

King Corbin def. Montez Ford

This was supposed to be a tag team match but Corbin refused because he’s a singles star, and demanded a singles match against either member of the Street Profits. Corbin won a short but solid match with the End of Days after Sami Zayn caused a distraction outside the ring. Zayn demanded that he return the favor in his match, but Corbin refused and stormed off.

Angelo Dawkins def. Sami Zayn

Another short but solid match with a distraction finish. Zayn had it won after an Exploder Suplex into the corner and lined up for the Helluva Kick, but noticed Montez Ford yelling at the documentary crew outside the ring. Dawkins rolled him up for the win. Zayn screamed at the doc crew and lost his mind after the match, choking out one of the camera guys and demanding to know who hired him and if he was with “the company”.

Reginald tried to give Carmella a bottle of champaign backstage, but she called him a snake and knocked the bottle out of his hands. Carmella called Reginald out for his obsession with Sasha Banks and fired him!

Dominik Mysterio def. Chad Gable

Dominik once again looked really good working through the basics here, and Gable being Gable was able to handle more of the technical stuff and make it look good. Commentary played up that Dominik was going to be a big star in the future but he was still just starting out and Gable was at the peak of his ability. Then Dom dodged a moonsault and rolled him up to win. Rey Mysterio immediately took to the apron and dove onto Otis, taking him over the announce table.



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WWE NXT UK Results: Kay Lee Ray Defends Against ‘The Final Boss’ Meiko Satomura




WWE NXT UK Results
February 4, 2021

* * *

Ilja Dragunov def. Sam Gradwell

Gradwell was all trash talk from the start and Dragunov completely ignored it, taking him to the mat over and over. Dragunov connected with knee strikes and heavy elbows, and when Gradwell continued to taunt him, a stiff boot to the face. Gradwell caught him in the ropes and set in with kicks to the back of the neck and side of the head. Double underhook suplex. Clubbing blows to the back. Dragunov roared back, literally, with wild elbow strikes and slaps upside the head while maintaining wrist control. Gradwell gave them right back, but got caught with two German suplexes. Dragunov hit a sky high diving senton for a nearfall. He started pummelling the man with nasty elbows until the referee called for the bell.

Dragunov completely snapped after the match, putting Gradwell back in a submission and continuing to beat the hell out of him. Referees pulled him off, but he backed one into the corner and tore at his shirt, screaming in his face until “snapping out of it”. Dragunov tried to apologize to the refs and left freaking out while Gradwell looked on smiling and laughing.

Teoman is coming next week:

Supernova Sessions

Noam Dar read “reviews” from fans talking about how great he is. He invited Tyler Bate onto the show as his special guest, leading to an awkward conversation about zen. Bate discussed his vegetarian lifestyle and Dar dumped a bunch of broccoli and spinach on him, which he thought was hilarious for some reason. I think the intention was to do some kind of Tim & Eric or Between Two Ferns ironic comedy sort of thing, but it didn’t connect for me at all.

Ben Carter vignette talking about his career starting in the U.S. and having to learn the British style.

Isla Dawn vignette, doing some neat occult stuff.

Amir Jordan & Kenny Williams def. Ashton Smith & Oliver Carter

Great fast-paced exchange between Williams and Carter trading pinning combinations and looking for submissions. Smith tagged in and tossed Williams around the ring with ease. Jordan came in and caught him with a few dropkicks, and took the big man down with a flying crossbody from the second rope. He slapped on a side headlock, but Smith easily tossed him into the corner and took turns with his partner clobbering him with clotheslines and heavy body shots. Williams eventually got the hot tag and cleaned house, sending them both to the floor. Jordan and Williams hit stereo suicide dives and a wheelbarrow facebuster/diving senton combo for a very close nearfall. Both teams traded offense but Jordan ended up getting a pin on Oliver Carter with an assist from his partner at ringside.

NXT UK Women’s Championship Match
Kay Lee Ray (c) def. Meiko Satomura

Kay Lee tried to lock up right away and Meiko easily out-grappled her and sent the champion out to the floor. Kay Lee took it personally and went after her with stiff kicks and elbows in the corner. Meiko fired back with body kicks and a spin kick, catching her under the jaw, before locking in an STF. Kay Lee dragged them both across the ring to get to the ropes, and Meiko continued pelting her with kicks all over the body. The champion caught her with a Koji Clutch out of nowhere to turn the tide. Kay Lee transitioned into a body stretch and slowed things down for a beat. She made the mistake of trying to trade kicks with the Japanese legend and got destroyed by a spinning wheel kick and a half dozen more kicks in the corner. Kay Lee rolled out to the floor and baited the challenger into a Hangman’s DDT from the apron. She broke the ref’s count in order to set up for a Gory Bomb on the apron, but Meiko struggled free and hit a Death Valley Driver! This time it was Kay Lee barely making it back into the ring on time. Meiko drilled her in the head with a running knee and walked circles around her, looking for the killing blow. Brainbuster for 1… 2… no. Meiko put her on the second turnbuckle, but Kay Lee surprised her with a Tornado DDT and immediately reapplied the Koji Clutch. Meiko nearly faded but started flailing around with her legs until reaching the bottom rope. Kay Lee climbed to the top rope but Meiko hit her with a bicycle kick to knock her down! Death Valley Driver for 1… 2… still no. This time Meiko climbed the ropes, dropped the champion with a kick to the head, but Kay Lee got her knees up to block a diving splash. Superkick. Gory Bomb. 1… 2… no. A frustrated Kay Lee tried and failed to lift the dead weight of her opponent for another Gory Bomb, so she instead climbed the ropes, taking far too long. Meiko dodges a Swanton Bomb, tried for the Scorpion Kick, Kay Lee blocked it, went for the Gory Bomb, but Meiko countered with Code Blue! Superkick from the champion! Bicycle kick from the challenger! Both women down. Kay Lee definitely pulls her up and delivers one final Gory Bomb to get the job done.

This was a tremendous match, maybe ****1/4 that I can only imagine would have been one of the better WWE matches in many, many years with a building full of rowdy UK fans.

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STF Underground Episode 95 – AEW Revolution Predictions, Talking AAW Alive With Promoter Mike Petkovich



STF Underground

Welcome back to another episode of STF Underground!

In this episode we talk about:

  • AEW Revolution Predictions
  • Shaq’s Match On Dynamite
  • Who Beats Finn Balor For the NXT Championship?
  • What do we want to see from the Barbed Wire Exploding Death Match?
  • PLUS An Exclusive Interview About AAW Pro’s Alive Event with AAW Promoter Mike Petkovich (Visit @AAWPro on Twitter for more information).


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