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WWE NXT Results (12/2): Ladder Match With War Games Implication, Imperium Returns, More!



WWE NXT Results


Candice is asked about her opponent’s WarGames team but she laughs saying they don’t even have a full team. However, she’s got a stacked team, and Raquel Gonzalez states tonight her team will be going home with an advantage, and Shotzi will feel like she was run over by a tank.


Cameron Grimes brings down a strap to the ring ahead of his match this Sunday, hanging it up with his hat. But when the match starts, he comes out very aggressively, dominating Austin Grey early on, connecting with a massive Irish whip and then a huge knee to the midsection.

Grey responds well with a dropkick and then a neck breaker though and he then heads to the top rope, nailing a crossbody and picking up a near fall. Grimes then plants Austin in the middle of the ring and he quickly follows it up with the Cave In to score the victory.

Winner: Cameron Grimes

After the match, Grimes gets his strap and attaches himself to Grey, following that up with a big clothesline as he talks trash to Dexter Lumis out loud. Grimes then uses the strap to beatdown on Grey as he flops out of the ring. However, as Grimes keeps pulling the strap, trying to get Grey back in the ring, when he turns around, it is Dexter Lumis holding onto it!

Lumis attacks Grimes and uses the strap, whipping Cameron, who manages to escape as Lumis stares down his WarGames opponent.


We are told on commentary that Jake Atlas has dedicated this one to Pat Patterson and despite Tony Nese ruffling his hair early on, Atlas quickly brings Nese to the mat, showing his ability. Atlas then connects with a dropkick and follows it up with a suicide dive which sends Nese into the announce table.

Back in the ring, Atlas tries to go to the top rope, but Nese brings him crashing down as he jumps up with a slap to the face. Meanwhile, Pat McAfee’s The Brand is shown arriving in the car park. Back to the action, Nese connects a suplex and then sets Atlas up in the torture rack as he wriggles out and then connects with some forearms.

Atlas then connects with a big clothesline but as he looks to continue, Nese smartly gets a rope break and then follows up with a slap to Atlas. Tony then launches himself out of the ring, hanging up Atlas on the top rope in the process and when he returns, Nese hits a big spinning kick to the face, but Jake somehow kicks out.

Nese goes for a running knee attack, but Atlas avoids it and follows up with the cartwheel DDT from the top rope to secure a big victory.

Winner: Jake Atlas


After the match, Jake is interviewed and he says there’s a pattern, he takes three steps back to take a big one forwards, which has been his whole life. Atlas says he’s not standing here as NXT Cruiserweight Champion, but he just picked himself back up and now is the time to build the momentum again to get back to the NXT Cruiserweight Title.


WWE Raw Results (1/26): Raw Women’s Title Match, McIntyre – Goldberg Staredown, Edge Provides Health Update



wwe monday night raw results


The match clearly didn’t end correctly as Adam Pearce ends up restarting the match, so…we go again with the six-woman tag. The match returns with the heels in control of Dana Brooke, with Baszler stomping down onto the elbow of Dana.

Nia looks to then drop down onto Brooke but she escapes and Mandy Rose comes in hot, taking out both women in the corner and Evans in the ring. Mandy almost gets the win, but Baszler breaks it up, and she then gets taken out by a Spear, while Jax then runs down Mandy.

Nia tags in, but Evans pulls out Flair, only to be chased away by her which leaves Nia Jaz on her own. She charges into Dana in the corner, but Brooke moves leading to Nia hitting herself on the turnbuckle as Brooke connects with a swinging neckbreaker.

Dana tries to go to the top rope, but Nia stops her and launches her across the ring as she then plants Brooke to the mat and then hits a Leg Drop to win for her team.

Winners: Nia Jax, Shayna Baszler, & Lacey Evans

Mustafa Ali is shown telling Kofi Kingston that his greatest moment happened because of his worst, letting Kofi know that he took everything away from him.


Xavier Woods comes flying out of the gates with a dropkick and he then unloads on Slapjack with some chops and a big back body drop. However, Slapjack then manages to change up Woods onto the second rope and he leaps over the top rope and drives him down onto that.

Xavier fights back once again connecting with chops and strikes which he follows up with a side Russian leg sweep. Woods then gets rocker with an uppercut but once again he bounces back by connecting with the Honor Roll. However, on the outside, Ali demands T-Bar goes to help and he does just that.

However, the distraction doesn’t actually work, as Woods connects with a Shining Wizard to win the match!

Winner Xavier Woods

After the bout, Woods tries to escape, but as he avoids Mace, he gets nailed by a big boot from T-Bar. The two big men then drive Woods to the mat as Slapjack is instructed to get a chair. Ali lifts up the chair while the rest of the group holds him, but he then puts it down and instead gets on the microphone.

Ali says all of the talk about wanting to be King of the Ring, but Woods looks like a peasant right now. He says they will show mercy to him right now so he can deliver a message to Kofi Kingston. He’s heard that Kofi won’t be in the Royal Rumble match, but a replacement has been found…Mustafa Ali.

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STF Underground Episode 90 – Is Tomasso Ciampa Royal Rumble Bound? Hard To Kill Recap, Where Does AEW Go After A Lackluster Dynamite?



STF Underground

Welcome once again to another episode of STF Underground!

In this episode we talk about:

  • AEW Dynamite’s Lackluster Episode
  • Is Tomasso Ciampa Main Roster Bound?
  • Hard To Kill Recap
  • Can MSK Succeed In The WWE?
  • “Wrestling Apologists”
  • Dusty Cup Surprises



Facebook: STF Underground Podcast
Twitter/IG: @STFUnderground

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WWE NXT Results (1/20): The Fight Pit Returns, Women’s Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic Begins!



WWE NXT Results


A video package about MSK is showcased as they discuss their bond as highlights from the debut are shown. They talk about the hard work and dedication they’ve put in to get here as they claim they will win the Dusty Cup.


Marcel Barthel starts out in control of Lince Dorado, dropping him down to the mat and then twisting the arm, only for Dorado to flip him across the ring. However, Barthel responds with an attack to the neck and then a big chop as he pushes the main roster star down onto the bottom rope with his foot.

Lince fires back with some chops of his own and then springboards away to tag in Gran Metalik as Dorado takes out Barthel with a sharp kick. Metalik then stands on Dorado’s shoulders and splashes down onto Barthel but Fabian Aichner is able to tag in, connecting with a hip toss to turn things around.

Aichner hits several chops as he then connects with a backbreaker, but Metalik kicks out. He responds with a reverse sling blade and Dorado returns as Metalik takes down Barthel and Dorado then tries to dive out to Aichner. However, he catches Dorado and slams him onto the ring apron as he then powerslams Dorado to the floor.

Back in the ring, Barthel continues to isolate Dorado with a big kick to the thigh of Lince. He then sets up the masked man on the top rope and connects with a sharp kick to follow it up. However, Dorado fights his way out of it and connects with a spinning DDT!

The hot tag gets made and Metalik launches himself in with a crossbody, following it up with a hurricanrana from the top rope. Metalik then hits a moonsault from the top rope, but Aichner is able to kick out at the last second.

Barthel is able to tag in though and he sets up Aichner to hit a DDT from the top rope, only for Dorado to break up the pinfall attempt. Aichner then returns, but so does Dorado who has a hold of Aichner, with Metalik coming in with a missile dropkick which leads to Dorado flipping him across into a pinfall but Barthel breaks it up.

Once again, the heels work well together and they both take down a member of the Lucha House Party each at the same time. Aichner and Barthel then work together nicely with some double team action but before Barthel can come in, Metalik launches himself from the top rope to take Barthel out.

He follows it by sending Aichner out of the ring as he hits a moonsault to the outside, while Barthel runs into a superkick from Dorado who follows it up with a Shooting Star Press to win the match.

Winners: Lucha House Party

After the match, Imperium head up the ramp only for Alexander Wolfe to return, standing at the top as he hits the classic Imperium pose, which the other two men copy.


Both Timothy Thatcher and Tommaso Ciampa are shown weighing in for tonight and they then come face to face. Ciampa looks to shake his hand but Thatcher opts to push him instead and the two men start to fight until William Regal breaks things up.

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